10. Manuel vs Alfeche | Lawsuit

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  DELIA MANUEL vs. JUDGE DAVID ALFECHE, JR., in his capacity as thenPresiin! J !e #$ R%C, Re!i#n &i', (ranch )*, R#'as City, FELIPECELIN+, DANN FAJARD+ an LEMUEL FERNANDE-, resp#nents.G.R. N#. ))*/0J 1y 2, )33FAC%&4 On January 9, 1992, the City Prosecutor of Roxas led with the Regional TrialCourt an Inforation for li!el against the writer and editors of the news a er#Panay $ews%# &aid a er has considera!le circulation in Panay Island andthroughout 'estern (isayas% The Inforation alleged that the accused caused to u!lish an article on the front age with the headline #)OC*) &+*- P.//).R$O' * 0I))IO$*R.# that accused coneyed in said article false i utationsand alicious insinuations against the said /.)I* 0*$-.), that she is thealleged #&+*- 3-..$# in 'estern (isayas% The Inforation further alleged thatas a direct conse4uence of the u!lication of the said article, 0anuel su5eredactual, oral and exe lary daages in the aount of T.$ 0I))IO$ P.&O&617,777,777%778% *fter trial, the RTC udge rendered the assailed /ecision nding three of theaccused guilty and ac4uitting a fourth% +oweer, #6t8he ciil indenity !y way of oral daages 6was8 disissed for lac: of urisdiction# on the ground that etitioner did not ay the ling fees therefor%Reconsideration haing !een denied, etitioner sought to oerturn the a!oedisissal ia the instant etition for reiew on certiorari under Rule ;<% The accused argued that since the 4uestioned decision is a nal udgent, thea ro riate reedy should hae !een ordinary a eal and not a eal !ycertiorari% +aing led an a eal with the Court of * eals, the accusedcontended that this etition !efore the &u ree Court was re=ature% I&&UE&4 1% 'hether or not there was a need to ay the ling and doc:et fees !y reason of non=s eciation of the aounts of daages2% 'hether or not the 4uestioned decision is re=ature RULING4 1% >es% 'hen a ciil action is deeed i liedly instituted with the criinal actionin accordance with &ection 1, Rule 111 of the Rules of Court ? !ecause theo5ended arty has $OT waied the ciil action, or resered the right to instituteit se arately, or instituted the ciil action rior to the criinal action ? the rule isas [email protected] i) when the amount of damages, other than actual, is alleged in thecomplaint or information led in court, then the corresponding ling fees  shall be paid by the oended party upon the ling thereof in court for trial; 2% >es% &ince riate res ondents herein had already ta:en an a eal to theCourt of * eals to 4uestion the trial courtAs udgent of coniction, the ro erreedy for etitioner is si ly ordinary a eal to the said tri!unal% The award of oral and exe lary daages !y the trial court is inextrica!lylin:ed to and necessarily de endent u on the factual nding of !asis therefor,iB%, the existence of the crie li!el% Inasuch as the ery sae /ecision hereinassailed is already ending reiew !y the Court of * eals, there is a distinct ossi!ility that the said court ay, if the facts and the law warrant, reerse thetrial court and ac4uit the accused% In such eent, the a ellate courtAs actionwould lead to a!surdity and confusion in the ultiate dis osition of the case%O!iously, this ossi!ility ust !e aoided at all cost% This is 6at least artly8 theraison dAetre for the rule against foru=sho ing% Clearly, then, etitioner oughtto hae !rought her challenge in the Court of * eals%Petition disissed for utter lac: of erit%
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