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IRC 112. for bridge
  30-01-2017 1 D E S I G N O F B R I D G E S   PART  –   3 : BRIDGE DESIGN TO IRC : 112-2011  30-01-2017 2 BRIDGE DESIGN ã Brief of IRC: 112  –   2007 ã Properties of Concrete ã Properties of Steel ã ULS ã SLS  30-01-2017 3 1/30/2017 3 1. Purpose:  To establish common procedures for design and construction of concrete road bridges including foot bridges in India. 2. Aim:  To achieve construction of Safe, Serviceable, Durable and Economical bridges. 3. Aspects covered:  Design principles, detailed designed criteria and practical rules, material specifications, workmanship, quality control, all such aspects which affect characteristics/ability of bridge to meet the aims. 4. Assumptions:  Choice of structural system and design carried out by competent personnel  Execution carried out by competent personnel  Adequate supervision and quality control  Construction material and products used are as per relevant standards   Intended properties considered for design are available  Use as intended & Adequate maintenance   IRC 112 Introduction Material (Un-tensioned steel & Concrete) ULS SLS  30-01-2017 4 LIMIT STATE METHOD OF BRIDGE DESIGN LSM ULS Equilibrium Strength SLS Internal Stresses Deflection Crack Width Vibration Other Secondary Effects Fatigue
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