A Framework for Understanding Poverty

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A Framework for Understanding Poverty
  A Framework for Understanding Poverty Study Group – Jeff SchumacherSession II   How would anyone know whether they came from a poverty background? What constitutes what poverty is or the characteristics of a family in poverty? In uby Paine!s  book on Understanding Poverty" #he lays out the groundwork or should I say the foundation of what an individual and a family go through$ %he everyday difficulties that these students and families travel and e&perience can be so distracting to the educational environment$ 'ust keeping the focus of paying the bills that come in every week with the  pocket change that these parents have distract from the importance of the education guidance the parents should assist in$ (any of times we are dealing with a one parent family )mother who is divorced with the kids*$ What I didn!t take into account was that poverty isn!t +ust financial" but has to do with many different available resources such as, emotional" spiritual" physical" role models" support systems" and others$ %hese resources are +ust as important to the health and wellness of this child as is financial$ What is eminent is that almost all of these families have concerns with the almighty dollar$ As the book progresses" uby talks about what we can do as educators to assist in a  poverty child$ #tudies show that schools should establish schedules" instructional arrangements" and strategies that allow the students to stay teachers for two or more yearswhen agreed upon$ %eachers" administrators" and staff are-or can be role.models for this student$ %hese three representatives of our educational system also assist in the development of emotional resources which is very crucial to the success of this student$   What I really liked about this book is that uby gave me some tools for understanding  poverty$ #he e&plained why these students fall behind and how we may make a difference in how we can steer them into the right direction educationally$ And finally" that we must build relationships that are positive to these kids so that they may succeed inour society$
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