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CINECA OVERVIEW Arrow Plus Kick Off Bologna 29/06/2011 The Consortium CINECA is a Consortium of 50* Italian Universities, the National Research Council (CNR), the National Institute of Oceanography
CINECA OVERVIEW Arrow Plus Kick Off Bologna 29/06/2011 The Consortium CINECA is a Consortium of 50* Italian Universities, the National Research Council (CNR), the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS) and the Ministry of University and Research (MIUR). It is the most important computing centre in Italy and one of the most advanced in Europe, ranked among the top worldwide supercomputing organizations: the TOP500 list. Bari, Politechnic of Bari, Basilicata, Bergamo, Bologna, Brescia, Calabria, Camerino, Cassino, Catania, Chieti, Enna (Kore), Ferrara, Florence, Genoa, Insubria, L'Aquila, Macerata, Messina, Milan Bicocca, Politechnic of Milan, Modena and Reggio Emilia, Molise, Naples Federico II, Second University of Naples, Naples Parthenope, Padua, Parma, Pavia, Perugia, University for foreigners of Perugia, Pisa, Politechnic of Marche (Ancona), Mediterranean of Reggio Calabria, Sapienza of Rome, Rome 3, Salento, Salerno, Sannio, Sassari, Siena, Turin, Politechnic di Torino, Trento, Triest, Udine, Urbino, Venice Ca' Foscari, Venice IUAV, Verona. The Consortium CINECA was established in 1969 by Ministry of University and Research as a no-profit Consortium of Italian Universities for high performance computing and information processing The Consortium dimension over 350 employees Building: mq CINECA s property The Consortium Mission CINECA solutions and services: high performance scientific computing, Scientific visualization and interactive virtual environments Information systems Kwowlegde management, web portals, multimedia, e-learning Data center and application service providers Organizational chart Board of Directors Chairman (President) Executive Committee Technical Committee General Manager (Director) Staff Personnel & Administration Supercomputing applications and innovation Services for Ministry of University and Research Solutions and Services for the University Administration Health Care Systems Systems and Technologies Information and Knowledge Management Services Departments Main activities ICT & HPC services for: member & non-member universities MUR - Ministry of University and Research public research institutions Technology Transfer to: P.A. & L.A. private companies E.U. Resources DBCenter VMcenter Hosting Services Hardware, operating system, Oracle and software licenses Hardware and operating systems installation and management Oracle database installation, management and hosting in HA Application software installation and management Systems and infrastructure tuning and customization Systems monitoring services Daily data saving and restoring (including incremental backup) System assistance and network management CINECA expertise in Bibliographic databases CINECA has specific expertise in designing, developing and maintaining bibliographic databases based on standard for the publishing sector: DOI Registration Agency : medraproject was born in 2002 in the econtentprogramme. medrais the multilingual European Registration Agency of DOI, the ISO standard for the persistent identification of any form of intellectual property in a digital environment. Launched in 2004 as joint venture by AIE and Cineca, medraprovides the DOI registration service to publishers in EU market, both directly and through the partnership with MVB in the German linguistic area. OPOCE DOI Registration Agency (since 2006 ) Digital Library frameworks like Fedora CINECA expertise in Bibliographic databases Italian ISBN Agency: Italian Publishers database and Back Office service Bibliographic database and the respectively services for Publishers Interoperable with the Italian BIP Actionable ISBN: in cooperation with MVB, medralaunched the Actionable ISBN(ISBN-A) service for the syntactic and functional integration between DOI and ISBN standards, integrated within the in the Italian and Germany ISBN Agencies. Metadata: medraprovides services for metadata interoperability in the book trade and has expertise in ONIX (AIE isediteurboardmember) and other metadata standards. WP4 System enhancement and maintenance (CINECA) Bologna 29 June Co-funded by the Community programme econtentplus WP4: Global Overview Start Month 1 30 End Month CIN AIE KB MV B Edit eur ICL A BOE K EKT PK CIEL A DIT ECH.IT , 5 UIB K OS DEL CED RO DIT ECH -RO WP4: management strategy WP4: Management of Technical Providers CINECA coordinates the work to be done by TEL, medra and Ditech.IT. Ditech.IT coordinates the implementations done by Ditech.RO. TEL coordinates with CIN and AIE concerning the definition of a role of EKT at support of data conversion (ingestion of national libraries catalogues) WP4: Agile Project Management It s an iterative method for determining project requirements for software It allows to deliver projects in a highly flexible and interactive manner It stems from Agile Software Development ASD is based on iterative and incremental development (every 2 weeks) APM best comes to fruition in projects which by definition change constantly and which specifications cannot be cast in stone WP4: Agile PM in practice Establish a reference person for each WP Provide partial deliverables Have periodic conference calls (every two weeks) For WP3 organise a meeting for each country with the relevant stakeholders For WP5 at M6 to have a first meeting with FEP, MVB and CEDRO in order to obtain a partial deliverable For WP6 at M6 to have a first meeting with EVA, AIE, Editeur and CEPIC. WP4: Expected results, outputs, dependences WP4: Criticalities WP4: first five months planning Action Enhancement :Welcome Trust use case Arrow FrontEnd Enhancement Arrow FrontEnd Enhancement Arrow FrontEnd Enhancement Arrow FrontEnd Enhancement Output (also including final deliverables) Diligent search enhancement (no-match) Validation step automation framework Decision handlers extension Procedures and external tools - Wellcome Trust specific in the staging environment New interfaces Integration of partial results views for advanced users in the staging environment Partner and person in charge CINECA Gabriella Scipione CINECA Gabriella Scipione Glossary adjustments in the staging environment CINECA Gabriella Scipione Usability and performance Improvement in the staging environment Deploy of the previous tasks in production environment CINECA Gabriella Scipione CINECA Gabriella Scipione System analysis, Documentation of the proposed improvements CINECA identification of areas of improvements Gabriella Scipione CINECA Continuos maintenance of the system maintenance service CINECA Cinzia Caroli Other partners with primary responsibility medra- Giuseppe Trotta Date of completion 15/06/11 medra - 15/06/11 Giuseppe Trotta medra - 31/08/11 Giuseppe Trotta medra - 31/08/11 Giuseppe Trotta medra - 31/08/11 Giuseppe Trotta Ditech.IT - 31/08/11 Giorgio Gamberini medra Elda Rrapi End of the project FURTHER INFORMATION GABRIELLA SCIPIONE CINECA VIA MAGNANELLI 6/3 CASALECCHIO DI RENO (BO) ITALY Co-funded by the Community programme econtentplus
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