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REVISED DRAFT TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR EXELON NUCLEAR EMS MANUAL General  EN-AC-10 Exelon Environmental Management System  EN-AA-10 Exelon Nuclear…
REVISED DRAFT TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR EXELON NUCLEAR EMS MANUAL General  EN-AC-10 Exelon Environmental Management System  EN-AA-10 Exelon Nuclear Environmental Program  EN-AA-11 Exelon Nuclear Environmental Management Systems Process  EN-AA-0001 Exelon Nuclear Environmental Management Model 1. Environmental Policy 1.1. EN-AC-1 Exelon Corporate Environmental Policy 1.2. Exelon Corporate Website w/ Link to Policy 2. Environmental Aspects 2.1. EN-AC-101-1 Exelon Corporate Environmental Aspects and Impacts Assessment 2.2. EN-AC-101-1 Exelon Corporate Level Environmental Aspects and Impacts Registry 2.3. EN-AC-101-1 Attachment 7.1 Exelon Environmental Aspects and Impacts Identification Guide 2.4. EN-AC-101-1 Attachment 7.2 Exelon Environmental Aspects and Impacts Assessment Template 2.5. 2005 Nuclear Aspect and Impact Registry (change date to reflect current year) 2.6. Aspects Workshop Presentation Materials 2.7. Completed Aspects Worksheets 3. Legal and Other Requirements 3.1. Listing of Exelon Nuclear Environmental Compliance Procedures 3.2. BNA Homepage 3.3. Exelon Environmental Regulatory Group – example meeting agenda 3.4. Example Regulatory Tracking Program 3.5. Example Regulatory Update 3.6. Listing of “Other Commitments” 4. Objectives, Targets and Programs (Improvement Plans) 4.1. 2005 Environmental Objectives and Targets 4.2. Environmental Section of 2005 Business Plan 4.3. Station Improvement Plan 5. Resources, Roles, Responsibility and Authority 5.1. Organizational Chart (is this the EMS org chart, the station org chart or licensing org chart?) 5.2. DD-07 Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Department Description 6. Competence, Training and Awareness 6.1. TQ-AA-133 Environmental Training 6.2. Environmental Training Awareness Announcement REVISED DRAFT TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR EXELON NUCLEAR EMS MANUAL 6.3. Environmental Awareness Training Presentation 7. Communication 7.1. EN-AA-105 Environmental Communications 7.2. Example Quarterly Report from Exelon Nuclear to Corporate EH&S 8. Documentation This binder either includes or identifies relevant EMS documentation (per the Parker audit, Nuclear Environmental was to provide direction to sites as to which EMS documentation is subject to the document control requirements of EN-AC-10 – the stations are anticipating a list of documents to fulfill this requirement) 9. Control of Documents 9.1. EN-AA-101 Managing Environmental Information [CONFIRM BELONGS HERE] 9.2. LE-AC-4 Document Management, Retention and Disposition (Corporate Policy) 9.3. LE-AC-401 Records Management, Retention and Disposition (Corporate Procedure) 9.4. LE-AC-401 Exhibit A Exelon Record Retention Schedule 9.5. LE-AC-401 Exhibit B Nuclear Standard Records Retention Schedule 9.6. LE-AC-401 Exhibit C Nuclear Standard Records Retention Schedule Change Summary 9.7. LE-AC-401 Exhibit D Instructions and Contact Information for Records Administrators 9.8. LE-AC-401 Exhibit E Exelon Environmental Record Retention Schedule 10. Operational Control 10.1. Significant Environmental Aspect Operational Control Summaries 10.1.1. Station list each current SEA Operational Control Document 10.1.2. List continued 10.1.3. List continued 11. Emergency Preparedness and Response Refer to 10.1 12. Monitoring and Measurement 12.1. EN-AA-103-0002 Maintaining Environmental Equipment Refer to 10.1 13. Evaluation of Compliance 13.1. EN-AA-104-0001 Assessing Environmental Performance 13.2. Corporate Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Audit Program Manual 13.3. 2005 EH&S Compliance Audit Schedule 14. Non-Conformity, Correction Action and Preventive Action 14.1. LS-AA-120 Issue Identification and Screening Process REVISED DRAFT TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR EXELON NUCLEAR EMS MANUAL 14.2. LN-AA-125 Correction Action Program (CAP) Procedure 14.3. Example Incident Description 15. Control of Records Refer to 9 Control of Documents 16. Internal Audit 16.1. Exelon Environmental Management System Audit Program Manual 16.2. 2005 EMS Audit Schedule 17. Management Review 17.1. EN-AA-105-0001 Management Review of the EMS 17.2. Copy of Management Review Presentation 17.3. Minutes from Management Review Meeting
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