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Estimator Pro License Agreemnent
  ESTIMATOR PRO LICENSE AGREEMENT Please read the terms and conditions of this license agreement (the“License”) before installing the computer software (the “Software”). Byinstalling and using the Software you accept and agree to the terms of thisLicense. This License constitutes the entire agreement concerning theSoftware between you and stimator P! and it supersedes any priorproposal or representation. #f you do not agree with these terms andconditions$ promptly un%install the Software. &. License 'rant  This License permits you$ as purchaser of the Software$ to use one copy of the Software solely for your use on one computer per purchased. ou agreethat you will not sub%license$ assign$ transfer$ distribute$ pledge$ lease$ rentor share your rightsunder this License ecept with prior written permission from stimator P! . ou agree that you will not modify$ adapt or translate$ disassemble$decompile$ re*erse engineer or otherwise attempt to disco*er the sourcecode of the Software. +. Standard ,aintenance and Support -ll updates and technical support for your purchased Software are free of charge for the license duration. #f you choose not to renew your license andthe Software re*erts to -d%-ware ree (freeware)$ you are not entitled totechnical support. !enewal fees and technical support do not apply to -d%-ware ree (freeware) users. /. stimator P! !ights  ou ac0nowledge and agree that the Software (the “Licensed Products”) areproprietaryproducts of stimator P! under Philippine copyright law and disclosed toyou by stimator P! con1dence. ou shall ta0e all reasonable steps tosafeguard the Licensed Products. stimator P! owns and retains allcopyright$ trademar0 trade secret and other proprietary rights in and to theLicensed Products. This License con*eys only a non%eclusi*e and limitedright of use to you$ re*ocable in accordance with the terms and conditions of this License. 2. Ser*ice Le*el -greements Support ser*ices may be purchased under separate agreement withstimator P! . 3. Limited 4arranty  stimator P! warrants that for your bene1t t alone$ for ninety (56) daysfrom the day of deli*ery to you (the “4arranty Period”)$ the Software media$under normal use in a compatible eecution en*ironment$ will be free fromdefects in material and wor0manship. -ny replacement program will bewarranted for the remainder of thesrcinal warranty period or thirty (/6) days from the date of receipt by you$whiche*er is longer. #n no e*ent may you bring any claim$ action orproceeding arising out of the warranty set forth in this -rticle 2 more than si(7) months after the date on which the breach of warranty occurred. 7. ceptions to 4arranties8 9isclaimers :;PT  ! T< -B = ,>T# >9 L#,#T9 4-!!->T$ ST#,-T ! P! 9#S;L-#,S -> ->9 -LL T<! 4-!!->T#S$ :P!SS9 ! #,PL#9$#>;L?9#>' -> #,PL#9 4-!!->T#S  ,!;<->T-B#L#T ! #T>SS ! P-!T#;?L-! P?!P S. stimator P! does not warrant that theSoftware$ its use$ operation or your ability to use the Software will beuninterrupted or error%free or that all Software errors will be corrected. Thewarranty set forth abo*e shall not apply to any defect or problems caused byany defect in any hardware or software used in combination with theSoftware$ or use of the Software in eecution en*ironments not speci1ed inthe 9ocumentation. stimator P! does not warrant that the Software orser*ice will meet your [email protected] or that the operation of the Software willbe uninterrupted or error free. stimator P! As limited warranty is *oid if abreach of the warranty has resulted from (i) accident$ corruption or misuse of the Software8 or (ii) acts or omissions by someone other than stimator P! . . !efund Policy stimator P! will refund the full price of the Software if the Software isdamaged or defecti*e$ and only if you notify stimator P! of the [email protected] within fourteen (&2) days after the date you purchased the Software. C. clusi*e !emedies  ou agree that if a defect in the Software media appears during the 4arrantyPeriod$ your eclusi*e remedy will be$ stimator P! As sole option$ to replacethe media or to credit the amount paid by you to stimator P! $ if any$ andterminate this License. The later remedy is subDect to the return of all copiesof the Licensed Products. 5. Limitations of Liability #n no e*ent shall stimator P! be liable for any damages to you or anyother party whether arising out of contract or from tort including loss of data$pro1ts or business$ or other special$ incidental$ eemplary or [email protected]$ e*en if stimator P! has been ad*ised of the possibility of suchloss or damages. stimator P! As cumulati*e liability shall not eceed the  license fee paid$ if any$ for use of this Software and 9ocumentation. Thissection shall sur*i*e termination of this License. &6. Termination  This agreement is in eEect until terminated. ou may terminate theagreement at any time by destroying all copies of the Software and9ocumentation and erasing any copies on storage media. The agreementalso terminates if you fail to comply with any terms and conditions of thisagreement. #n such an e*ent$ you agree to destroy and erase all copies of the Software and 9ocumentation$ and stimator P! will be entitled to allremedies in accordance with applicable law. &&. 'eneral  This agreement is go*erned by the laws of Philippines &+. ;ontact ?se of the Software other than for your internal operations on a singlecomputer [email protected] that you enter into a separate license agreement withstimator P! . Please e%mail for furtherinformation.
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