Goldman Sachs Introduction

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About Company : Goldman Sachs and Why to work with it.
    Introduction to Goldman Sachs Presented by:Aniruddh Shastree Logo  WEBSITE: HTTP://WWW.GOLDMANSACHS.COM Investments – 518 investments in 414 companies. Exits: 52 IPOs and 132 Acquisitions.Headquates: !e #o$% &'A.(unds aised: )*.+ ,i---ion.ate/oies: 'ecuities% ,an$in/% (inancia- 'evices% (inance.0esciption: o-dman 'acs is a mu-tinationa- inancia- sevices im  povidin/ secuities % and investment an$in/ and mana/ement sevices.6pe o im: Investment an$% 7entue capita- tat does seed% ea-6 sta/e ventue% -ate sta/e ventue% Pivate Equit6 and 0et inancin/ investments.'ouce: unc A  ã (ounded on 1 st  anua6 189+ and ecame a pu-ic compan6 in 1+++. 1; ã Indust6(inancia- sevices ã (ounded 6: 1; <acus o-dman% 2; 'amue- 'acs ã Headquates:2== >est 'teet% !e #o$% !e #o$% &.'. ã ?e6 peop-e : 1; @-o6d ,-an$ein aiman and EO;% 2; 0avid 'o-omon Pesident and oOO; 3; Have6 'c atB Pesident and oOO; ã >o-d ide : 3*%=== emp-o6ees  1;   ã <a$et capita-iBation o )8= i--ion 1; ã Poducts:1 Asset mana/ement% 2 ommecia- an$in/% 3 – ommodities % 4 Investment an$in/% 5 Investment mana/ement% 9 <utua- unds% *  Pime o$ea/e.  Goldman Sachs - India ã  !ame: o-dman 'acs 'evices Pivate @imited ã Incopoated on 1+ 'epteme 2==3. ã It is c-assiied as !on/ovt compan6 and is e/isteed at Ce/ista o ompanies% ,an/a-oe. ã Its autoiBed sae capita- is Cs. 1%342%===%=== and its paid up capita- is Cs. 1+=%32=%544. ã It is invo-ved in 0ataase activities and distiution o e-ectonic content Dis inc-udes data ase deve-opment% data stoa/e and data ase avai-ai-it6. ã Emp-o6ee sten/t at ,an/a-oe : ,an/a-oe opeations: 54== peop-e. ã e ,an/a-oe oice% Its eadcount ose at a compounded annua- /o t ate o aout 1+F ove te past ive 6eas. ,; ã (unction and depatment o te compan6 ic ae epesented at te ,an/a-oe opeations ae – 1 ecno-o/6% 2  (inance% 3  Investment  an$in/% 4 'ecuities% 5 Opeations% 9  Ceseac% and *  Ana-6tics.
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