IRC 112 2011[1]

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IRC 112 2011
  CODE OF PRACTICE FOR CONCRETE RO D BRIDGES INDIAN RO DS CONGRESS 2 11  IRC :112 2011 CODE OF PRACTICE FOR CONCRETE ROAD BRIDGES Published by: INDI N RO DS CONGRESS Karna Koti Marg, Sector 6, R.K. Purarn New Delhi 11 0 022 NOVEMBER 2 11 Price 7 1000 (Packing postage charges extra)  First Published November, 2011 (All Rights Reserved. No part of this publicalion shall be reproduced, translated or transmitted in any form or by any means without the permission of the Indian Roads Congress) (The Official amendments tb this document which may be considered necessary from time to time would be published by the IRC in its periodical Indian Highways . These shall be considered as effective and as pad of the Code etc. from the date specified therein) rinted at :Abhinav Prints, New Delhi 1 000 Copies)  IRC :112-2011 PERSONNEL OF THE BRIDGES SPECIFICATIONS AND STANDARDS COMMITTEE As on 25Ih October 2010) 1. Sinha, A.V. (Convenor) 2. Puri, S.K. (Co-Convenor) 3. Sharma, Arun Kumar (Member- Secretary) 4. Agarwal, K.N. 5. Alimchandani, C.R 6. Banerjee, A.K. 7. Bane ee, T.B. 8. Basa, Ashok 9. Bandyopadhyay, Dr. T.K. 10. Bandyopadhyay. Dr. N. 11. Bongirwar, P.L. 12. Bhasin, P.C. 13. Chakraborty, Prof. S.S. 14. Chakrabarti, S.P, 15. Dhodapkar, A:N. 16. Gupta, Mahesh 17. Ghoshal, A. 18. Joglekar, S.G 19. Kand, Dr. C.V. 20. Koshi, Ninan 21. Kumar, Prafulla 22. Kumar, Vijay 23. Kumar, Dr. Ram Director General (RD) Spl. Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport Highways, New Delhi Addl. Director General, Minstry of Road Tansport Highways, New Delhi Chief Engineer (0) S R, Ministry of Road Transport Highways, New Delhi Members Director General (W) (Retd.), CPWD, Ghaziabad Chairman Managing Director. STUP Consultants Ltd., Mumbai Member (Tech.), (Retd.) NHAI,New Delhi Chief Engineer (Retd.), Ministry of Road Transport Highways. New Delhi Director(Tech.), B. Engineers Builders Ltd., Bhubaneswar Joint Director General (Retd.), Institute for Steel Dev. and Growth. Kolkata Director, STUP Consultants Ltd., (P) Ltd. New Delhi Advisor, L T, Mumbai ADG (0) (Retd.) MOST, New Delhi Managing Director, Consulting Engg. Services (I) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Consultant, Span Consutants (P) Ltd., Noida Chief Engineer (Retd.), Ministry of Road Transport Highways, New Delhi Executive Director (B S), RDSO, Lucknow Diiector and Vice-President, STUP Consulants Ltd., Kolkata Director (Engg. Core), STUP Consultants Ltd., Mumbai Chief Engineer, (Retd.), MP PWD, Bhopal Director General (RD) Addl. Secy., MOST (Retd.), Gurgaon Director General (RD) AS (Retd.), MORT H, Noida E-in-C (Retd.). UP PWD, Noida Chief General Manager, NHAI, New Delhi
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