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Section Contents College Statement and Statistics Campus Site Map Five-Year Capital Plan Request FY through FY Project Funding Type Total ($ 000s) HVAC and Fire Suppression for Data Center
Section Contents College Statement and Statistics Campus Site Map Five-Year Capital Plan Request FY through FY Project Funding Type Total ($ 000s) HVAC and Fire Suppression for Data Center bonded Athletic Facilities Renovation Ph. II bonded Library Upgrades bonded Total $24,200 City Reso-A Requests FY 2016 (City Council and Borough Presidents) Project FY 2016 Request ($ 000s) Wireless Network Upgrade $350 Library Study Rooms Upgrades $750 Reso-A FY 2016 Request Total $1,100 President Jeremy Travis College Statement and Statistics An international leader in educating for justice, John Jay College offers a rich liberal arts and professional studies curriculum in a vibrant urban setting. The college celebrates its 50th anniversary during the academic year with an exciting series of events that highlight its history and accomplishments. John Jay continues to fulfill its mission of preparing motivated and intellectually committed students to explore justice in its many dimensions. Through their studies, research and experiential learning, students prepare for ethical leadership and global citizenship. The college is the most racially and ethnically diverse senior college within CUNY, with more than 15,000 students who represent more than 130 countries. Our students are defined by their resilience and their motivation to build bridges between the world of intellect and imagination and the world of practice. John Jay alumni have long held leadership roles in public-sector agencies and private companies in the United States and worldwide. The strength, reputation and vitality of the college are embodied in the academic excellence of its faculty, many of whom are recognized experts in such areas as DNA analysis, profiling, drug abuse trends, forensic accounting, eyewitness identification, criminal law, cybercrime, police methods and crime reduction strategies. Through their research, the faculty advances knowledge and informs professional practices that build and sustain just societies. John Jay offers undergraduate degrees in 26 majors: Anthropology, Computer Science and Information Security, Computer Information Systems in Criminal Justice and Public Administration, Criminal Justice (BA and BS), Criminal Justice Management, Criminology, Culture and Deviance Studies, Economics, English, Fire and Emergency Service, Fire Science, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Science, Gender Studies, Global History, Humanities and Justice, International Criminal Justice, Latin American and Latina/o Studies, Law and Society, Philosophy, Police Studies, Political Science, Public Administration, Security Management and Sociology. Students may choose from any of 40 minors. John Jay is also a proud member of CUNY's Honors College. The graduate program offers 11 master's degrees: Criminal Justice, Digital Forensics and CyberSecurity, Forensic Mental Health Counseling, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Science, International Crime and Justice, Protection Management, Psychology and Law, Public Policy and Administration, Public Administration Inspection and Oversight, and Security Management. New online master's degree programs are offered in Security Management and Public Administration. A joint MA/JD in Forensic Psychology and Law is offered in conjunction with the New York Law School, and the college also houses the CUNY Doctoral Programs in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology. Eleven centers and institutes enhance academic research and provide professional development and training. John Jay is located on the west side of Manhattan near Lincoln Center and Central Park, and the city serves as an important extension of the campus. The newest addition to the campus, opened in 2011, includes more than 600,000 square feet of smart classrooms, forensic labs, moot court room, conference center and labs. Master Plan / Enrollment Information Original Master Plan Approved: Master Plan Amendment Approved: Master Plan Projected FTES: Fall 2013 FTES: Master Plan Approved NASF: 1995 N/A 10,334 11, ,190 Net Assignable Square Footage (NASF) Owned Occupied: 751,494 Owned Vacant: 0 Leased / Temp: 77,417 Non-CUNY: 2,506 Total NASF: 831,417 State Senate District: State Assembly District: 27 City Council District: 6 67 City Community Board: Manhattan CB 4 Five-Year Capital Plan Request FY through FY In priority order / costs in thousands Project Name FY FY FY FY FY Five-Year Request (B) HVAC and Fire Suppression for Data Center DC (B) Athletic Facilities Renovation Ph. II D $473 C $4,877 (B) Library Upgrades D $1,300 C $7,000 CE $8,300 Subtotal $4,023 $11,877 $8,300 Total $24,200 Five-Year Capital Plan Request Project Descriptions (B) HVAC and Fire Suppression for Data Center The new campus data center that was made operational in fall 2011 consolidated all data/network operations for the entire college. Several enhancements are needed to ensure safety and continuity of operations within the data center's network room. The room is cooled by the main building chillers. This project will provide a backup stand-alone HVAC system in the event of a power failure. Also, the data center uses a water-based fire suppression (pre-action) system, and even though these systems are commonly used for network rooms, any malfunction on the control panel could release/open valves and allow water into the sprinkler pipes, thereby damaging the network equipment. To prevent this, the project will install an FM-200 suppression system. Anticipated Completion: January 2019 (B) Athletic Facilities Renovation Ph. II The project will continue renovations to the college's worn and outdated athletic facilities by focusing on the locker rooms. The project will gut-renovate the men's and women's locker rooms, including toilet and shower areas. Upgrades will include new waterproofing under showers and walls, new floor drains, new showers with hot water anti-scalding devices, new toilets, lavatories, new ceilings with water-resistant materials, new plumbing lines, new electrical wiring with GFI outlets and other upgrades. All areas will be made ADA-accessible. Anticipated Completion: January 2019 (B) Library Upgrades This project will reorganize and renovate the library in Haaren Hall. When the library opened in 1988, it was intended to serve a student body of 6,000; today, it serves more than 15,000 students and faculty. Moreover, there have been significant changes in library technology and the way in which libraries are used. This project will reorganize the library to create more functional spaces for students and incorporate state-of-the-art technology. Anticipated Completion: January 2019 Total Project Cost Prior Funding Received Funds to Complete Total Project Cost Prior Funding Received Funds to Complete Total Project Cost Prior Funding Received Funds to Complete Note: (B) = Major Bonded Project, (R) = Minor Rehabilitation Project A = Acquisition, D = Design, C = Construction, E = Equipment City Reso-A Requests FY 2016 (City Council and Borough Presidents) In priority order / costs in thousands Wireless Network Upgrade Thanks to prior city capital funding, the college has provided a campus-wide WiFi network. Faculty, staff and students now can use network services for teaching, learning and research from anywhere on campus. The demand for WiFi has increased, and the college seeks to replace and expand portions of the network to maintain and improve the level of service that the campus community has come to expect. This project will provide for the continued reliability of the college's wireless network that serves over 17,000 faculty, staff and students by upgrading 200 wireless devices found across the campus. Anticipated Completion: January 2017 Library Study Rooms Upgrades Phase: The college's library contains functionally outdated space and instructional infrastructure. This project will convert 1,500 square feet of underutilized stacks space into two collaborative/group study rooms that will be media intensive and will encourage peer collaboration and group study projects. Permanent walls will be installed; furniture will be provided that will encourage student participation on work assignment and research; and each room will offer large-screen monitors, laptop connectivity, a wall-mounted smart-board, whiteboard and video conferencing capabilities. Anticipated Completion: January 2017 City Reso-A Request FY 2016 Total Phase: E DCE FY 2016 City Request $350 FY 2016 City Request $750 $1,100 Note: (B) = Major Bonded Project, (R) = Minor Rehabilitation Project A = Acquisition, D = Design, C = Construction, E = Equipment
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