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Nowadays many companies are using the power of R in Business Analytics. So if you want to accelerate your career in the field of Business Analytics, then Learn R programming.
Title: Learn R Programming 1 Learn R Programming 2
  • If you are aspiring to become a Data Scientist, then you must Learn R Programming!
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  • R is one of the most demanded scripting language developed by and for statisticians. 4
  • Here are some key reasons why one should Learn R?
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  • R is a Free, Open Source Language
  • R is freely available. So anyone can download R from the internet and start working on it. Even one can even modify the code and add your own innovations to it since its open source language.
  • 6
  • R is Cross-Platform Compatible
  • It is possible to run R on several operating systems and varied Software/Hardware. as it is cross-platform compatible
  • 7
  • Most Advanced Statistical Programming Language
  • R is one of the most advanced statistical programming language used world-wide today. R programmers can work on large complex objects
  • 8
  • Outstanding Graphical Outputs
  • The graphs generated with R are high in quality. R is a fully programmable graphical language with outstanding features.
  • 9
  • R is Extremely Comprehensive
  • R can work on objects of infinite size and intricacy with ease. R performs a wide variety of functions, such as data manipulation, classical statistical tests, statistical modelling and graphical techniques, classification, clustering, and so on.
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  • If you are eager to accelerate your career in the field of Business Analytics, then start learning R analytics programming and excel in your career.
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