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JOLLY BEAR GAMES, INC. END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT IMPORTANT-READ CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING OR USING THE SOFTWARE: This is an agreement between you ( the User ) and Jolly Bear Games, Inc. ( Jolly Bear ) setting out the terms and conditions ( the Terms ) upon which you are licensed to use the Jolly Bear product Big City Adventure: New York City and all related documentation and materials (collectively, the Software ). By clicking on the Next button or by otherwise installing, copying, do
  JOLLY BEAR GAMES, INC. END USER LICENSE AGREEMENTIMPORTANT-READ CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING OR USING THE SOFTWARE: This is an agreement between you ( the User ) and Jolly Bear Games, Inc. ( Jolly Bear ) setting out the terms and conditions ( the Terms ) upon which you are licensed to use the Jolly Bear product Big ity !denture# $ew %or& ity and all related documentation and materials (collectiely, the 'otware ).By clic&ing on the $et button or by otherwise installing, copying, downloading, accessing or otherwise using the 'otware, you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms o this agreement. I you do not agree to the Terms, do not use or install the 'otware and promptly return the 'otware to the place rom which you  purchased it or a ull reund.*+*T !' *+-*''% -/0I1*1 B*/2, T3* T*-4' /5 T3I' !G-**4*$T !% T/ !/4/$*$T' !$1 0*-'I/$' /5 T3* '/5T2!-*, I$U1I$G !$% /4/$*$T' /- 0*-'I/$' J/% B*!- !UT3/-I6*' 5/- !*'' /- U'* 2IT3/UT 3!-G* ( T-I! 0*-'I/$ ), !$% /4/$*$T' /- 0*-'I/$' J/% B*!- !UT3/-I6*' 5/- !*'' !$1 U'* 5/- ! 5** /- /T3*- !4/U$T ( -*T!I 0*-'I/$ ), !$1 !$% !*'' /1*' /- I*$'* 7*%' -/0I1*1 T/ T3* U'*- B% J/% B*!- /- IT' !UT3/-I6*1 -*T!I*- 5-/4 23/4 T3* U'*- U-3!'*' /- /T3*-2I'* -**I0*' ! -*T!I 0*-'I/$ 5/- U'* 2IT3 'U3 -*T!I 0*-'I/$ ( I*$'* 7*% ). SOFTWARE LICENSE The 'otware is the conidential and proprietary property o Jolly Bear and is protected by state, ederal andinternational copyright and intellectual property laws and treaties. The 'otware is licensed, not sold. GRANT OF LICENSE This agreement hereby grants the User, a non8eclusie, non8transerable license to use the 'otware or  personal, non8commercial home use only. The User may use the 'otware on any single computer and also on a second computer, proided the 'otware will not be in use on both computers simultaneously. The User may ma&e one copy o the 'otware to loppy dis&, or other means as appropriate or the purpose o  bac&up. LICENSE LIMITATIONS The 'otware, or any component thereo, may not be used or any commercial purpose, including without limitation, licensed, sublicensed, resold, rented, leased, distributed or used on a or8charge basis.The User may not# (a) proide access to or allow the use o the 'otware by or to another person or entity, including without limitation, the use o any icense 7ey9 (b) modiy, adapt, translate, publicly display,  prepare deriatie wor&s rom, reerse engineer, decompile, disassemble or attempt to derie source code rom the 'otware9 (c) circument or disable any access or licensing control eatures o the 'otware9 (d) obscure, remoe or modiy any intellectual property or proprietary notices or labels contained in or  proided with the 'otware9 or () access, install or otherwise use any -etail 0ersion o the 'otware eceptthrough the use o the icense 7ey issued to the User or such -etail 0ersion.The user may only use the Trial 0ersion o the 'otware or ealuation purposes during the trial period. OWNERSHIP Jolly Bear owns and retains all rights, title to and interest in the 'otware and all copies and deriatie wor&s thereo, including all copyrights, patents, trade secret rights, trademar&s and other intellectual  property and proprietary rights therein.  LICENSE KEY The User shall access and use the -etail 0ersion o the 'otware by means o the icense 7ey proided to the User by Jolly Bear or its authori:ed retailer rom whom the User purchased or otherwise receied the -etail 0ersion. The User agrees to &eep all icense 7eys conidential and to use them only in con;unction with the User<s permitted use o the 'otware as epressly authori:ed by the Terms o this agreement and inaccordance with any instructions proided to the User with the icense 7eys. TERMINATION This agreement will terminate automatically and without notice i the User breaches or otherwise ails to comply with the Terms o this agreement9 or upon notice rom Jolly Bear. Upon any termination o this agreement, the User must rerain rom any urther use o the 'otware and promptly destroy the 'otware, as well as all copies o the 'otware, whether made under the Terms o this agreement or otherwise. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY T3* '/5T2!-* I' -/0I1*1 !' I' , 2IT3 ! 1*5*T', *--/-', 4!5U$TI/$' !$1 /T3*- -/B*4', !$1 2IT3/UT 2!--!$T% /5 !$% 7I$1. ! *+-*'' /- I4I*1 /$1ITI/$', -*-*'*$T!TI/$' !$1 2!--!$TI*', I$U1I$G !$% I4I*1 2!--!$T% /5 4*-3!$T!BIIT%, 5IT$*'' 5/- ! !-TIU!- U-/'*, TIT* /- $/$8I$5-I$G*4*$T, !-* 1I'!I4*1, *+*T T/ T3* *+T*$T T3!T 'U3 1I'!I4*-' !-*3*1 T/ B* *G!% I$0!I1. J/% B*!- !$1 IT' 'UI*-' 1/ $/T 2!--!$T T3!T T3* '/5T2!-* I' *--/-85-**, T3!T 1*5*T' 2I B* /--*T*1, /- T3!T !*'' T/T3* '/5T2!-* 2I B* U$I$T*--UT*1 !$1 2IT3/UT /4-/4I'* T/ '*U-IT% '%'T*4'. T3* U'*- (!$1 $/T J/% B*!-) !''U4*' T3* -I'7 !$1 *$TI-* /'T /5 ! $**''!-% '*-0II$G, -*!I- !$1 /--*TI/$. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY I$ $/ *0*$T '3! J/% B*!- B* I!B* 5/- !$% 1I-*T, I$1I-*T, U$ITI0*, I$I1*$T!, '*I!, /$'*=U*$TI! 1!4!G*' /- !$% 1!4!G*' 23!T'/*0*- I$U1I$G, 2IT3/UT I4IT!TI/$, 1!4!G*' 5/- /'' /5 U'*, 1!T! /- -/5IT', !-I'I$G /UT /5 /- I$ !$% 2!% /$$*T*1 2IT3 T3* U'* /- *-5/-4!$* /5 T3* '/5T2!-*, /- /T3*-2I'* !-I'I$G /UT /5 T3* U'* /5 T3* '/5T2!-*, 23*T3*- B!'*1 /$ /$T-!T, T/-T, 'T-IT I!BIIT% /- /T3*-2I'*, *0*$ I5 J/% B*!- /- !$% /5 IT' 'UI*-' 3!0* B**$ !10I'*1 /5 T3* /''IBIIT% /5 1!4!G*'. J/% B*!-<' '/* !$1 *+U'I0* I!BIIT% T/ T3* U'*- 5/- !TU! 1I-*T 1!4!G*' I' I4IT*1 T/ T3* !4/U$T !TU!% !I1 5/- T3* '/5T2!-*. EXPORT RESTRICTIONS The User ac&nowledges and agrees that the 'otware may be sub;ect to applicable eport control laws and regulations o the United 'tates o !merica. The User agrees not to eport or re8eport the 'otware, directly or indirectly, to any countries that are sub;ect to the United 'tates o !merica eport restrictions. GENERAL !ny action related to these Terms will be goerned eclusiely by aliornia law and controlling United 'tates o !merica ederal law. $o choice o law rules o any ;urisdiction will apply. These Terms represent the entire agreement relating to the use o the 'otware and preail oer any prior or contemporaneous, conlicting or additional, communications. art or all o any proision o these Terms that is inalid or unenorceable will be seered rom these Terms and the remaining proisions o these Terms continue in orce. The Terms o this agreement cannot be modiied by any terms in any printed orms used by the  parties in perorming the agreement, and can only be modiied by epress written consent o both parties.  opyright (c) >[email protected]>??A Jolly Bear Games, Inc. !ll -ights -esered.
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