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  English Pedagogy  North American Literature S2Andrea Valenzuela2016   Science Fiction represented by Isaac Asimov Elizabeth CorneoSil!ana Coronado Nicol"s #ominguezCatalina $ern"ndezConstanza %eda$ernanda Villagr"n SCIENCE FICTION &  According to the de'inition (ro!ided by )obert A *einlein+ science 'iction can beunderstood as& ,realistic s(eculation about (ossible 'uture e!ents+ based solidly on o' the real /orld+ (ast and (resent+ and on a thorough understanding o' the natureand signi'icance o' the scienti'ic method *einlein+ )+ 1334+ ( 567t di''ers 'rom other genres o' a similar nature in the sense that all the e!ents that ha((enduring the course o' a science 'iction no!el or mo!ie+ are su((orted and grounded on to(icssuch as& the la/s o' (hysics+ the la/s o' mechanics+ among others 8here'ore+ it holds ascienti'ic !alidation9e'ore (roceeding /ith the descri(tion o' the genre and its main contributors+ it is rele!ant to (ro!ide a de'inition as to /hat science is+ /hich is ,.no/ledge or a system o' .no/ledgeco!ering general truths or the o(eration o' general la/s es(ecially as obtained and testedthrough scienti'ic method: ;erriam<=ebster>s Learner>s #ictionary+ 2016 8hen+ as it /asstated by the (re!ious -uote+ /e can clearly see that there is a method in!ol!ed in the /riting (rocess8he beginnings o' Science $iction can be trac.ed do/n to 1320+ by an American (ublisher called *ugo ?ernsbac.+ /ho /as the 'ounder o' the ,Amazing 9oo. ;agazine: #ue to hissigni'icant contributions to the 'ield+ he is .no/n by (eers and other contributors as the,$ather o' Science $iction:7t is im(ortant to note that e!en though the /orld that science 'iction see.s to describe may be 'uturistic or may seem too 'ar ahead o' reality+ there is still an element o' truth'ulness andgenuineness to it+ in the sense that the /orld (ortrayed is done through a detailed andaccurate (rocessAn [email protected](le o' ho/ such detailed oriented mindset is (resent can be identi'ied in the/or. o' one o' the most 'amous re(resentati!es o' the genre& 7saac Asimo!+ 'rom /hom /ecan highlight that& ,most o' his (o(ular science boo.s [email protected](lain scienti'ic conce(ts in a  historical /ay+ going as 'ar bac. as (ossible to a time /hen the science in -uestion /as at itssim(lest stage *e o'ten (ro!ides nationalities+ birth dates+ and death dates 'or the scientistshe mentions+ as /ell as etymologies and (ronunciation guides 'or technical terms:Asimo!onlinecom No se como citar esoAs /ell as the (re!iously mentioned+ science 'iction also deals /ith the de!elo(ment o' ne/technologies+ since one its main traits is the 'act that it 'eatures technologies that do not [email protected] real li'e but may be su((osed to do in the 'uture+ including time tra!el+ interstellar  tr a!el+ 'lying cars and also beings and societies 'rom other (lanets aliens*o/e!er+ a (oint that demands to be clari'ied is the relationshi( bet/een science 'iction andtechnology+ because it seems li.e they are o((osite conce(ts+ but in truth+ they are !erysimilar 'rom one another+ in the sense that the latter conce(ts ignite a /hole (rocess in /hichinno!ation and curiosity are encouraged ASIMOV - SCIENCE FICTION Asimo! /as born in )ussia a'ter the ==7 ended in 1313<1320 *is 'amily came to9roo.lyn+ Ne/ or. /hen he /as only three years old ?ro/ing u( as an o/ner o' a candystoreBs son+ he /as al/ays curious+ besides being an eager reader o' (ul( magazines+ 'rom  /hich he culti!ated his lo!e 'or science 'iction short<stories 7saac /as al/ays a (roli'icstudent+ he graduated 'rom school at 14 years old+ and 'inish his scholarly career as a Ph# in biochemistry in 13D Asimo! began his /riting /hen he /as 14 years old+ /as (art o' thescience 'iction 'andom called the ,$uturians:+ and got his 'irst story (ublished+ /hich /ascalled ,;arooned o'' Vesta: in Amazing Stories magazine in 133 Asimo! is best .no/n 'or his *ard Science $iction stories+ as /ell as Po(ular Science /or.sSome o' his most 'amous S$ /or.s are the $oundation series+ the ?alactic Em(ire series+ andthe )obot series+ /hich later Asimo! set in the same 'ictional uni!erse and the same 'uturehistory ,Night'all: is considered his best short<story o' social science 'iction+ /hich in 136/as !oted by the Science $iction =riters o' America the best short science 'iction story o' alltime 7saac Asimo! is considered to be (art o' the ?olden Age o' Science $iction+ and oneo' the authors that hel(ed attracted (ublic attention to the genre Asimo! belie!ed his mostenduring contributions /ould be his 8hree La/s o' )obotics and the $oundation series*ealong /ith )obert A *einlein and Arthur C Clar.e 2001& a S(ace %dyssey is consideredone the ,big three: science 'iction /riters *e le't a bibliogra(hy o' nearly 400 boo.s+ and'ounded Asimo!>s Science $iction ;agazine+ /hich has ,maintained the tradition o'  (ublishing the best stories+ unsur(assed in modern science 'iction+ 'rom a/ard</inningauthors and 'irst<time /riters ali.e: Asimo!Bs Science $iction Additionally+ /e /ould li.e to share some (hrases 7saac Asimo! said /hen he /asali!e 8he reason behind it is that through s(eech /e can a((reciate ho/ (eo(le (ercei!e the/orld 7n essence /e can ma.e in'erences about his (ersonality $or instance+ /e are going tostart analyzing the -uotation belo/+ /hich /as (ic.ed u( 'rom an article /ritten by him  “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.  !S# S!$%&, " #ult of !gnorance", 'ewsweek, (an. )*, *+ A'ter reading+ /e can notice that 7saac Asimo! has the (o/er o' language in terms o' criticizing the (redominant culture at that time 8here'ore+ it is easier to understand thecriticism made by 7saac against the (olitical and cultural (atterns sho/ing his dis(leasureagainst the untruth society es(ecially (olitical ones =e belie!e that in this -uotation Asimo! is re'erring to ,9oo. 9urning: cam(aign li!edduring totalitarian go!ernments+ in /hich some entities decided to burn boo.s in order todestroy e!erything that could be against the totalitarian ideology Not/ithstanding+ in this-uotation he is not only re'erring to anti<intellectualism+ but also he is mentioning a notion o' 'alse democracy in Fnited States =e ha!e to remember that this country su((orted most o' the /ars against communist go!ernments in order to (reser!e ,democracy: 8his hel(s us torealize Asimo!Bs critical !ie/ o' the /orld+ s(reading the necessity o' being intellectualindi!iduals and a!oiding ignorance yo lo (uedo mandar si -uieres siii -ue yo toy delcell(hone con cue me (ude meterG &C eso me (asa (or !i!ir tan leos y no tener cm(aHias-ue den internetI cam(esina @d
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