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F a GARRICK OHLSSON Kacper Pempe / Reuters MITSUKO UCHIDA Roger Mastroianni Ohsson and Uchida return to Kaamazoo in Piano Masters Series TWO OF THE WORLD S MOST ACCOMPLISHED AND RESPECTED PIANISTS,
F a GARRICK OHLSSON Kacper Pempe / Reuters MITSUKO UCHIDA Roger Mastroianni Ohsson and Uchida return to Kaamazoo in Piano Masters Series TWO OF THE WORLD S MOST ACCOMPLISHED AND RESPECTED PIANISTS, Garrick Ohsson and Mitsuko Uchida, are returning to Kaamazoo to perform at Chenery Auditorium this season. Ohsson first performed for Gimore audiences at the 2002 Festiva, and was ast in Kaamazoo as a sooist with the Kaamazoo Symphony in Uchida s concerts were some of the most taked-about events of the 2008 Festiva. For more information on Ohsson and Uchida, visit thegimore.org GARRICK OHLSSON SPONSORED BY ANONYMOUS LOCAL DONORS The 'Emperor' Concerto coud have been written for Mr. Ohsson, so we does it suit his muscuar technique and the sensitivity and restraint with which he depoys it. The New York Times In describing Garrick Ohsson it woud be hard to name a major pianist who possesses a arger repertoire or one who presents a more imposing figure at the piano. The first American to win the Internationa Chopin Competition in Warsaw, Ohsson has spent his career deveoping an astonishing command of the piano repertoire resisting any efforts to be pigeonhoed with one composer or period of work. His unusuay vast repertoire ranges over some eighty concertos. And, at 6-foot-4, Ohsson is a commanding presence known for his exceptiona keyboard stretch (a 12th in the eft hand and an 11th in the right). His physica size and strength ends itsef to bravura paying, yet he is equay praised for his stering performances of music from the Baroque and Cassica eras. In an interview with The New York Times, Ohsson said that the musicians he admired most (and aspires to) are ike great actors who are virtuay unrecognizabe from one roe to the next because they immerse themseves fuy into their work. Appearing at Chenery Auditorium in November, Ohsson s program incudes Brahms Rhapsodies, Op. 79, Fantasy, S. 259 by Liszt and Seections from Goyescas by Granados. MITSUKO UCHIDA THE WILLIAM C. AND NANCY F. RICHARDSON CONCERT Uchida is, simpy, Uchida an eegant, deepy musica interpreter who strikes an inspired baance of head and heart in everything she pays. Chicago Tribune One of the most gifted pianists of her generation, Mitsuko Uchida is an internationa artist in every sense of the word. Born in Japan, she moved to Vienna at 12 when her father was named Japan's ambassador to Austria. Three years ater, her parents returned to Japan whie Uchida stayed in Austria to continue her music studies, and for the past 40 years she has made London her home. Uchida credits these three distinct cutures and anguages as major infuences in her approach to music and to her career. The pianist, who earier this year received the Roya Phiharmonic s God Meda one of cassica music s highest honors argues, everyone is born with a certain musicaity but the degree with which it is exercised varies from person to person. What truy matters is that your ove of music is stronger than your ove of yoursef. In 30 years at the top of her profession, Uchida has never behaved ike a star. Offstage she prefers anonymity and is strongy committed to mentoring young artists both as co-artistic director with Richard Goode of the Marboro Music Festiva since 2000 and, more recenty, as part of the Boretti-Buitoni Trust, which supports the careers of promising young musicians through monetary grants. Known for her wide-ranging repertoire, Uchida wi perform a program of Bach, Schoenberg and Schumann at Chenery Auditorium next Apri. U KIRILL GERSTEIN, 2010 Gimore Artist: A jazzed up KIRILL GERSTEIN has been putting his Gimore Artist Award to good use. After commissioning Oiver Knussen to compose Opheia s Last Dance (premiered at the 2010 Festiva), he then commissioned Brad Mehdau and Chick Corea to compose new works for him. Mehdau joined Gerstein at the 2012 Festiva to perform Mehdau s work, Variations on a Meanchoy Theme. Premiered at Berkee Coege of Music (Gerstein s ama mater), Gerstein performed it twice for Kaamazoo audiences, incuding on his soo program. After performing it again the night Mehdau shared the stage, he and Mehdau payed an improvised duet version, which the Kaamazoo Gazette cited as, spectacuar a seamess passing of meody, rhythm, and form an ecstatic concusion. When Gerstein performed The Visitors, the work commissioned from Chick Corea for piano and vibraphone, at the 2012 Festiva finae, vibraphonist extraordinaire Gary Burton joined him, to the deight of the packed house. The reationship between Gerstein and Burton goes back many years. It was Burton who, upon hearing the 13-year-od Gerstein in St. Petersburg, invited him to come to Berkee as a student (the youngest ever accepted there). Since the 2012 Festiva, Gerstein has continued to incorporate these works, aong with some of Gershwin s music, into his programs in such paces as Chicago, Switzerand, London, Santa Fe and Germany. Gerstein continues to break new ground and expore the spaces between cassica and jazz music. This season he wi premiere a new soo piano work that he commissioned from the young American composer Timothy Andres. U Irving Gimore in an informa moment with his favorite canine friend. Gimore Artist Kiri Gerstein performs with vibraphonist Gary Burton at the 2012 Festiva finae. New endowment gift ceebrates egacy of Unce Irving PEOPLE WHO WERE LUCKY enough to have known Irving S. Gimore, or Unce Irving to many (there was even a downtown sweet shop with that moniker), wi remember that he studied and payed the piano, encouraged young artists, and was instrumenta in bringing renowned performers to Kaamazoo. His support of cuture and the performing arts was based on his beief that the finer expressions of the human spirit need care and sustenance in order to grow. The Gimore is deighted to announce that one of Irving Gimore s ongtime admirers has recenty made a significant commitment to the Gimore Festiva Endowment Fund that wi support the appearance of a major pianist during each biennia Gimore Festiva for generations to come. The concert wi be known as Unce Irving s Recita. I am making this gift, said the donor, because in our ifetimes, some events have gravitas of a very positive, even gorious, nature. This is one such event. Where ese can one have such an experience? The paces are few. I want to see it continue. In addition to ceebrating the egacy of Mr. Gimore, this important new gift aso gives a tremendous boost to The Gimore s growing endowment fund. Buit with current and panned gifts and bequests, the Gimore Festiva Endowment Fund provides a permanent source of revenue to hep support the fu range of Gimore initiatives artist awards, concerts, music education programs, and commissioning of new music. For more information about creative ways to make a gift to The Gimore s endowment and receive ong-term recognition, pease contact Aice Kemering, Assistant Director & Director of Deveopment, at 269/ , 888/ or U More than piano essons AT THE GILMORE, our education programs branch out in many different directions within our community. Probaby the best-known of these efforts are the Piano Labs that we operate in two oca eementary schoos. Engaging students at both Woods Lake and Spring Vaey Eementary, the Piano Labs offer group musica training using digita keyboards and computers. Students are taught by experienced instructors provided by The Gimore, who impart a passion for music and inspire students' sense of pride and achievement. Our two other Piano Labs are ocated at the Kaamazoo County Juvenie Home and at our oca educationa service agency s Young Adut Program. These abs are directed by boardcertified music therapists, and they utiize music to achieve academic resuts and socia, physica, and emotiona progress. The creative expression happening in these Labs is astounding, says music therapist Louis Morand, who has been working in the program for five years. At the Juvenie Home, for exampe, students are writing and recording music tracks that encourage and stimuate their participation in academic casses such as bioogy and Engish! According to one student, Music in my schoo day makes me fee successfu. It ets me know that I can get through my day. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, these young peope have the opportunity to attend various concerts in the Kaamazoo area, incuding the recent Gimore Keyboard Festiva. Returning in February wi be our annua KeysFest a fu day of master casses for neary 100 area piano students of a eves, grades Students perform and receive instruction from professiona pianists and educators. For more information contact The Gimore s Director of Education, Adam Schumaker, at 269/ or U Join the Cub! If you haven t aready, pease join The Gimore s Contributors Cub by making a gift today. Thanks to our donors, students who participate in Gimore education programs are abe to attend ive Gimore performances. We aso encourage socia service agencies to bring their cients to Gimore concerts, and students can attend neary every Gimore concert for just $5. A of this is made possibe by contributions from donors ike you. Pease send your gift in the repy enveope or make your gift onine at thegimore.org. Thank you for heping young peope enjoy this season of The Gimore! Questions? Contact our Assistant Director & Director of Deveopment, Aice Kemering, at 269/ or U GILMORE MUSIC EDUCATION PROGRAM SPONSORS Arts Fund of Kaamazoo through the Arts Counci of Greater Kaamazoo Craig Chamberain Dorothy U. Daton Foundation Ron and Caro DiSavio John E. Fetzer Institute Fund Friends of The Gimore Irving S. Gimore Foundation Martha J. Harrison Piano Education Fund endowed Kaamazoo Regiona Educationa Service Agency Keogg Company W.K. Keogg Foundation Betty and Jerry Mason Genevieve Mier Monroe-Brown Foundation Nationa Endowment for the Arts in memory of Marion Schmiege Pfizer Inc Reeder Pianos Inc. Lisa and Gonzao Rodriguez Joan K. Sharda Target Stores A.M. Todd Company Foundation Harod & Grace Upjohn Foundation VanderSam s Fower Shop West Michigan Piano Saes Western Michigan University Gimore Festiva expands reach through WFMT Radio Series The 2012 Gimore Festiva wi be featured this fa in a radio series of 13 one-hour programs that wi be offered through the WFMT Radio Network to pubic radio stations throughout North America. This is the third Gimore Festiva to be presented through the WFMT Network. In 2010, the series aired on neary 200 stations across the US. In West Michigan, the series wi air on both WMUK and WBLU. Producers and recording engineers from WFMT were in residence during the entire 2012 Festiva to supervise concert recordings and to conduct interviews of artists and audience members. More than 50 recorded hours were used to compie the 13-hour series. The programs feature Festiva performances by Emanue Ax, Richard Goode, 2010 Gimore Artist Kiri Gerstein, and 2006 Gimore Artist Ingrid Fiter, to name a few. The WFMT Radio Network syndicates concerts by the New York Phiharmonic, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Los Angees Phiharmonic, Jazz at Lincon Center, and many others. U PRESENTING PARTNERS Steinway & Sons is the officia piano of The Gimore DIAMOND Roger A. Gauntett Greeneaf Trust Greeneaf Hospitaity Group Betty and Jerry Mason in memory of Harod Hanseman Mier Johnson Monroe-Brown Foundation Stryker Western Michigan University PLATINUM Rosemary and John Brown Nationa Endowment for the Arts Tyer Litte Famiy Foundation Harod & Grace Upjohn Foundation GOLD Be s Brewery, Inc. Discover Kaamazoo Friends of The Gimore Hammond Roto-Finish Martha J. Harrison Piano Education Fund endowed Kreis, Endere, Hudgins & Borsos, PC Jean W. Marke endowed concert Merri Lynch The Towner & Lund Group / The Vedheer, Long, Mackay & Bernecker Group Michigan Counci for Arts & Cutura Affairs Wiiam C. and Nancy F. Richardson Wiiam and Meinda Scott Sign Art, Inc. Meyer C. Weiner Company SILVER Arts Midwest s Performing Arts Fund Caro and Tom Beech The Burdick-Thorne Foundation CSM Group Dorothy U. Daton Foundation Educationa Community Credit Union Havirmi Foundation Honigman Mier Schwartz & Cohn LLP Patti and Bob Huiskamp Kaamazoo/Batte Creek Internationa Airport Kaamazoo Coege Kaamazoo Vaey Museum Tom and Donna Lambert Christopher and Margo Light Timothy and Joy Light Michee and David Mackay Martin & Associates Environmenta, LLC Miennium Restaurant Group Mier-Davis Company Park Trades Center Diane S. Robertson Schupan & Sons, Inc. Joseph and Cara Stewart A.M. Todd Company Foundation TSI Consuting Partners, Inc. Varnum Water Street Coffee Joint BRONZE Dobbs Optica Fifth Third Bank Tom and Meissa Gauntett Judy K. Joiffe Kaamazoo Civic Auditorium Landscape Forms, Inc. LKF Marketing Anne and Doug Petersen River Run Press Sarkozy Bakery Frank C. Tayor and Barry A. Schroeder Vandervoort, Christ & Fisher, PC West Michigan Piano COPPER Arts Fund through the Arts Counci of Greater Kaamazoo Bartet Trave Consutants Batte Creek Community Foundation Guido A. and Eizabeth H. Binda Foundation Bravo! Restaurant & Café Cavin Coege Canney s Water Conditioning, Inc. Coe Automotive Group Consort Dispay Group DeMent and Marquardt, PLC Dougas & Sons, Inc. Robert and Eeanor DeVries Encore Pubications, Inc. First Nationa Bank of Michigan in Photos Festiva photography by John Lacko, Wi Panich and Mark Bugnaski PHOTOS LEFT TO RIGHT Row 1: Richard Goode, Afredo Rodriguez, Pink Martini. Row 2: Leif Ove Andsnes and Matthias Goerne, Christian Sands, Imogen Cooper, Morgenstern Trio, Geri Aen, Emanue Ax. Row 3: Diana Kra, Eizabeth and Sonya Schumann, Anthony demare. FOLLOWING PAGE PHOTOS, LEFT TO RIGHT Row 1: Natasha Paremski, Kiri Gerstein, Brad Mehdau. Row 2: Robert Gasper, Kiri Gerstein and Brad Mehdau, Gimore Festiva Chamber Orchestra with Vanessa Perez, Ingrid Fiter and David Lockington. Row 3: Luis Resto, Lesie Tung. Recitas are hed on Sundays at 4 PM in the Wespring Theater, ocated in Downtown Kaamazoo's Epic Center. THE RISING STARS RECITAL SERIES IS SPONSORED IN PART BY THE HELEN WATTLES FUND, SUPPORTING YOUNG ARTISTS AT THE GILMORE. Introducing Promising Young Taent and Supporting the Next Generation of Great Performers COPPER (continued) First Wes Batte Creek Fisher Spiege Kunke & Gerber, PLLC Fora Artistry Gina Antoniotti Friends of The Gimore Ann Hannon and A Heiman Heiman s Nuts & Confections Homestead Furniture Imperia Beverage Keystone Community Bank Mangia Mangia Martini s Russe and Lou Ann Mawby Donad and Ann Parfet Famiy Foundation Raymond James & Associates, Inc. Sanford Financia Services Lawrence and Mariyn Schack Don Seeye Ford St. Ceciia Music Center Steinway Piano Gaery of Detroit Vicksburg Performing Arts Center Wespring/Cori Terry & Dancers MEDIA SPONSORS Adams Outdoor Advertising Michigan Pubic Radio MLive Media Group Grand Rapids Press Kaamazoo Gazette WBLU Bue Lake Pubic Radio WFMT Radio Network WKZO COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT In coaboration with area socia service agencies and schoos, The Gimore provides access to concerts for underserved youth and senior citizens and offers $5 tickets for students. SPONSORS: Hammond Roto-Finish PLAY.OUT.LOUD. PIANO PROJECT More than a dozen brighty painted pianos were paced outside for anyone to PLAY.OUT.LOUD. SPONSORS: Havirmi Foundation Donad and Ann Parfet Famiy Foundation IN-KIND DONORS: Catayst Deveopment Company, LLC Dougas & Sons, Inc. H & H Painting Homestead Furniture Park Trades Center Brian Peerbot Piano Tuning & Repair Sign Depot West Michigan Piano September 9, 2012 September 23, 2012 October 21, 2012 HJ Lim Jan Lisiecki Korea/Switzerand HJ Lim burst onto the internationa music scene neary three years ago when a recita video of her performing Rachmaninoff and Chopin was upoaded to YouTube. The unusua onine traffic it created drew the attention of audiences around the word. Since then the 24-yearod signed on with EMI Cassics and recenty reeased a recording of the compete Beethoven Sonatas. SPONSORED BY SUSAN FALL AND FRANK SARDONE in Numbers 28,747 peope attended concerts 18,000 most mies traveed by one musician for the Festiva February 10, 2013 March 3, 2013 János Paojtay Kris Bowers George Li Minsoo Sohn Canada Hungary USA Korea/USA Jan Lisiecki signed on with Deutsche Grammophon two years ago at just 15 years of age. His debut recording of Mozart Concertos for the abe was reeased earier this year. Born in Cagary of Poish émigré parents, Lisiecki s awards incude the 2010 Révéations RadioCanada Musique and the Jeune Soiste des Radios Francophones in The Fryderyk Chopin Institute reeased Lisiecki s recordings of both Chopin concertos with Sinfonia Varsovia, which received the prestigious Diapason Découverte award in János Paojtay, a native of Budapest, started to pay the piano at the age of five. By 13 he was a student at the Specia Schoo for Exceptiona Young Taents of the Liszt Academy of Music. He ater became a student of both composition and piano at the Béa Bartók Secondary Music Schoo. In 2004, Paojtay was awarded second prize at the Internationa Chopin Competition in Budapest and the Sári Bíró Memoria Award of the Liszt Academy. Kris Bowers, the 23-year-od winner of the 2011 Theonious Monk Internationa Jazz Piano Competition Award, began his forma training in cassica music. But surrounded by the od-schoo R&B his parents favored and the hip-hop and pop of his own generation, Bowers was soon drawn to the rhythm and sou of jazz. He studied at the Coburn Schoo for Performing Arts in LA before moving to New York to pursue his studies at Juiiard, where he competed his master s in jazz performance with a focus on fim composition. Bowers has studied privatey with Eric Reed and Fred Hersch, among others. He wi perform in both soo and trio format Gimore Young Artist / USA SPONSORED BY THE WATTLES FAMILY IN MEMORY OF HAROLD HANSELMAN 1,837 staff, vounteers, production and stage crew SPONSORED BY TOM AND DONNA LAMBERT 1,090 new Facebook foowers 416 hours of piano tuning 392 musicians performed SPONSORED BY THREE RIVERS FRIENDS OF THE GILMORE January 13, 2013 STAY CONNECTED! Sign up for e-news at thegimore.org. Foow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. George Li returns to Kaamazoo foowing a stunning debut at the Gimore Keyboard Festiva this spring. The 17-year-od winner of New York s Young Concert Artists Award performed the Schumann Concerto with the Grand Rapids Symphony and severa soo recitas during the Festiva to much accaim. Foowing a recita earier this year, Internationa Piano described Li as, A major taent with a the ingredients for future greatness. SPONSORED BY ANONYMOUS LOCAL DONORS The New York Times named Korean-born Minsoo Sohn s recording of Bach s Godberg Variations as one of the top cassica recordings for Currenty an assistant professor at Michigan State University, Sohn has toured extensivey throughout North America, Europe, and Israe at important venues incuding Carnegie Ha s Wei Recita Ha, Toronto s Genn Goud Studio, Boston Symphony Ha, San Francisco s Herbst Theatre, and Te Aviv s Museum of Art and Mann Auditorium. SPONSORED BY LAWRENCE AND MARILYN SCHLACK Irving S. Gimore Internationa Keyboard Festiva The Epic Center 359 S. Kaamazoo Ma, Suite 101 Kaamazoo, Michigan Nonprofit Org US Postage PAID Kaamazoo MI Permit No 313 what s happening now GEORGE LI, 2012 Gimore Young Artist SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD GEORGE LI deighted audiences across Southwest Michigan during the 2012 Festiva. Performing with the Grand Rapids Symphony and in soo recitas from South Haven to Batte Creek, Li demonstrated the depth of his taent and understanding. (Kaamazoo Gazette) Highights of the season for Li incude performances with the Edmonton and Stamford symphonies, the Chamber Orchestra of the Triange (North Caroina), Boise Phiharmonic, Pasadena Symphony and Pops, Boston Phiharmonic, and Norrköping Symphony Orchestra in Sweden. He wi have soo recitas at the Morgan Library & Museum (New York), the Buffao Chamber Music Society, and Mansion at Strathmore (Maryand). Southwest Michigan audiences
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