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Samsung Fader Deck
  The ideas, presentation and creative concepts presented within are o ff  ered solely for the purposes of engaging future business activities and remain the intellectual property of The Fader, Inc. The content provided may not be reproduced, copied or used in any form or by any means without express prior written authorization. FEBRUARY 2016 PROPOSAL Custom Content & Experiential Series  The SAMSUNG Agenda Broaden the appeal of SAMSUNG Demonstrate that SAMSUNG is a superior product by showing that people who think differently use SAMSUNG Create awareness via an immersive brand experience at the newly opened SAMSUNG space that promotes creativity, individuality and transformative ideas CONFIDENTIAL ©2016 THE FADER, INC.  The TastemakingPower of The FADER Renowned for   Discovering and championing emerging music and the lifestyle that surrounds it Defined by   In-depth reporting and authenticity across a genre-defying breadth of music and style Wanted for   Access to and authority on what’s next, from the fringes of the mainstream to the heart of the underground CONFIDENTIAL ©2016 THE FADER, INC.  Program Overview The FADER’S editorial covers music, people, places and things that are new, undiscovered, or overlooked. By harnessing and leveraging its existing networks, The FADER will align their forward-thinking readers and tastemakers with SAMSUNG devices. The FADER will create a buzz-worthy series through one of the following programs, each of which will extend across print, digital, video, social and come to life with an event at 837. Every concept will include: +   Custom Content +  Live Experience +  Technology Tie-In +  Media Promotion CONFIDENTIAL ©2016 THE FADER, INC.
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