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Last Updated on 23rd November 2016
  Last Updated on 23rd November 2016 Smit Hinsu [email protected] | +91-8130107715 EDUCATION IIITHYDERABAD B.T CU SN Grad. July 2014 | Hyderabad, IndiaOverall GPA: 7.45Major GPA: 8.16 INTERESTS Database Management SystemsAlgorithms and Data StructuresCompetitive Programming Contests ACHIEVEMENTS ICPC W FN - 2014 Ranked50 th out of 30,000+ teams ICPC AU RN - 2013 Team  Ranked1 st ICPC KU RN - 2013 Team  Ranked1 st G C J - 2014 Ranked121 st out of 25000+Ranked 1 st in India T Ranked in  top5  in India for long time C Ranked in  top5  in India AIEEE - 2010 Ranked 1032 nd out of over 1 millionstudents EXPERIENCE GOOGLE  | S ENN October 2015 - onwards | Mountain View, CA Iamcurrentlyworkingontheindexinginfrastructure. Tools: C++, Distributed Systems TOWERRESEARCHCAPITAL  | INUU D July 2014 - August 2015 | Gurgaon, India IworkedonReliabilityandAnalyticsplatformwhich,ã Periodicallygeneratesdatatobeusedforfastersimulationofnewstrategyã Checksandreportsvariouserrorsintradingforreliabilityã Reportsvarioushealthparametersrelatedtoefficiencyfordifferentsystems Tools: C++, Python, HTCondor, Play Framework in Scala, MongoDB FACEBOOK  | S ENNN INN May 2013 – July 2013 | Menlo Park, CA IworkedonfollowingprojectsaspartofGrowthteam.ã SendingSMStogetmoreusersSMSactivated.ã BunchofA/BteststoselectuserstosendSMS.ã MakingsomeofcoreSMSuserfriendlytoimproveresponserate.ã RefactoringofcoresystemwhichsendsEmail,SMSandPushNotification Tools: PHP, Python, Hive, Scuba FLIPKART  | S ENNN INN May 2012 – July 2012 | Bangalore, India Iworkedonfollowingprojectsaspartofdata-platformteam.ã DatabasereplicationbenchmarkingforMySQLandTungstenReplicatorã Replayofloadfromlogsforinternalmessagequeueserviceã Performancemeasurementformessagequeueservicewithrespecttoload Tools: MySQL, C++ PROJECTS DISTRIBUTEDDATABASESYSTEM Aspartofadvanceddatabasesystemscourse,wrotedistributeddatabaseforsubsetofSQLlanguageontopofMySQLstandalonenodestoqueryRelationspartitionedhorizontallyorverticallyacrossnodes. DATABASEALGORITHMS AspartoftheDatabasesystemscourseimplementedmultiwaymergesort,B+treeforduplicateelimination,HashjoinandSort-mergejoinalgorithmsusingC++language. CLOUDORCHESTRATIONLAYER Aspartofcloudcomputingcourse,ImplementedahypervisorindependentRESTfulcloudorchestrationframeworkforondemandprovisioningofvirtualmachinesusinglibvirtAPI. PROXY-SERVERFORHTTP Aspartofnetworkscourse,Implementedamultithreadedproxyserverwithcachingandloggingfacilities.
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