Storage Interfaces and Access pre-GDB

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Storage Interfaces and Access pre-GDB. Wahid Bhimji University of Edinburgh On behalf of all those who participated. Pre-GDB focused on Storage Working Groups. Working groups proposed following Storage/Data TEGs see TEG report : Benchmarking – This was first full meeting.
Storage Interfaces and Access pre-GDB Wahid Bhimji University of Edinburgh On behalf of all those who participated Pre-GDB focused on Storage Working Groups
  • Working groups proposed following Storage/Data TEGs see TEG report:
  • Benchmarking – This was first full meeting.
  • Storage Interfaces – This was 2nd full meeting.
  • Federation – This would have been 5th meeting.
  • I am only covering first two as Fabrizio has a separate talk today and anyway we didn’t manage to discuss much because Vidyo is pants.
  • Benchmarking- Intro ROOT TTreePerfStats etc. DPM perfsuite benchmarking tool EOS benchmarking tool EOS monitoring Benchmarking Summary
  • Now have a good overview of existing work, productsand metrics.
  • Next step to tryand compareand converge on these Metrics and Tools .
  • A suggested list of top 10 metrics and a doodle for next meeting will follow shortly.
  • Storage Interfaces WG: Background and Mandate
  • Little of current management interface (SRM) is used. Leads to performance overheads for experiments; work on developers to maintain; restricts sites technology choices.
  • Building on Storage/Data TEG, clarify for disk-only systems the minimal functionality for WLCG Storage Management Interface.
  • Evaluate alternative interfaces as they emerge, call for the need of tests whenever interesting, and recommend those shown to be interoperable, scalable and supportable. Help ensure that these alternatives can be supported by FTS and lcg_utils to allow interoperability.
  • Meetings to coincide with GDBs plus extras on demand:
  • Presentations from developers / sites / experiments covering activity
  • Notdesigning a replacement interface to SRM but there are already activities so bringing together and coordinating these.
  • Summary of SI session
  • Experiment’s Data Management plans:
  • CMS: no “blockers” for non-SRM usage; Nebraska SRM-free site; Example ways of doing things that can be used by others.
  • ATLAS: some issues that may be resolved in next gen of data management: rucio. Open to trying controlled non-SRM sites using common solutions / interfaces.
  • LHCbexpressed concerns but have not very different requirements than Atlas.
  • Sites Perspective: CERN: Bestman SRM doesn’t scale for them – want to remove it.(Also RAL future disk only technology, choice ideally wouldn’t be hampered by SRM options)
  • Middleware and tool development : e.g. DPM; FTS3; gFal2
  • Stated Goals for that session Finalize functionality map; identify blocking issues and needed development. Links between SI WG and:
  • Accounting (StAR) and publishing (glue/bdii)
  • Later is only minimally used (and former doesn’t exist yet). Is this within scope of WG?
  • Federation WG:
  • Medium term there will still be another interface
  • Longer term use of federation is not yet clear.
  • Areas requiring development – now with ways forward! Conclusions
  • Activity on Benchmarking, Federations and Storage Interfaces is progressing.
  • Meeting was valuable in bringing harmony, discovering duplicated effort, etc.
  • There are many overlaps in topic and attendance so having such joint storage meetings is desirable.
  • Extra Slides Table of used functions from TEG
  • Somewhat simplified and removed those only relevant for Archive/T1
  • Still probably can’t read it (!) but a couple of observations:
  • Not that much is needed – e.g. space management is only querying
  • and not even that for CMS
  • Brief functionality table: (see also LHCb talk and backup slides)
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