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temporary & contractor essentials australia need to know Randstad temporary and contractor essentials pg 2 Who should I contact if I have a query about an upcoming assignment? Does Randstad have standards
temporary & contractor essentials australia need to know Randstad temporary and contractor essentials pg 2 Who should I contact if I have a query about an upcoming assignment? Does Randstad have standards and protocols that I need to follow? need to know - money matters pg 3 How will my pay rates be decided? When do I need to complete Payroll and Taxation forms by? What do I need to know about completing manual timesheets? What do I need to know about completing e-time sheets? How can I manually claim expenses or disbursements? How can I claim e-time expense claims or disbursements? How and when will I receive payments? What do I need to know about superannuation? What is Randstad s Rewards program and how can I benefit from it? Does Randstad have a Customer Service Hotline that I can call about money matters? need to know - equal employment opportunity pg 8 What is Randstad s position on EEO? What are Randstad s fundamental EEO principles? What are the likely consequences of inappropriate behaviour? How are complaints investigated? Should I approach the client employer if I need to make a complaint? Is it acceptable to approach the person involved? What should I do if I can t approach the person involved? What happens next? Who should I contact to find out more? need to know - workplace health and safety pg 10 How does occupational health and safety affect me? What steps does Randstad take to prevent accidents and injuries at client sites? How can I take responsibility for my own safety in the workplace? Who should I contact if I have health and safety concerns at a client site? What are the client s responsibilities? Will I receive site specific inductions by client employers? What should I do if I suffer a workplace accident? Am I eligible for Worker s Compensation? What is Randstad s policy in relation to smoking and alcohol in the workplace? Who should I contact to find out more? 1 updated August 30 th 2011 welcome Welcome to Randstad, one of the world s leading staffing and HR services companies. In Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, Randstad has a network of offices providing a diverse range of work opportunities across the public and private sectors. Whether you are seeking temporary or contract work, there is a good chance we will be able to assist you. Throughout your association with Randstad, your Consultant will contact you to advise of current and upcoming positions. We are proactive in the job search process and actively market you to our clients for future positions. If your priorities or direction change with regard to temporary or contract work, please let us know. Our temporary & contractor essentials handbook has been designed to provide you with useful information you need to know when you are on a temporary or contract assignment with randstad. Should you have any queries about the information enclosed in the booklet, please do not hesitate to contact your Consultant to discuss. We are committed to providing you with a rewarding, safe and satisfying work experience - it s good to know you. need to know randstad temporary and contractor essentials who should i contact if i have a query about an upcoming assignment? Your consultant will brief you on each assignment prior to your commencement. If you have any queries feel free to raise these with your consultant. does Randstad have standards and protocols that i need to follow? Yes, we are focused on excellence and committed to fostering high levels of professionalism, so before you get started on an assignment it is important to familiarise yourself with our standards and protocols. 2 updated August 30 th 2011 Randstad expects you to respect the rights of others and to treat them fairly. Harassment of any kind is not acceptable and could result in the conclusion of an assignment. Similarly, should you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, do not hesitate to contact your Consultant. When you enter different work environments you will be exposed to confidential or personal and sensitive information. Please ensure you keep all information confidential, even once your assignment has finished and do not breach your contract of service with Randstad and its clients. When accessing a client s computer network which includes , the internet and various software programmes, please remember they must be used for business purposes only and that confidentiality of passwords and information is paramount. The use of any systems for personal use or offensive / obscene material is unacceptable and may result in the conclusion of your assignment. Except in the case of an emergency, please make personal phone calls only during breaks. Leave mobile phones off and diverted to your voic during work hours. Be aware that all work places strictly enforce a non- smoking policy. Strive for success. Permanent opportunities often develop from temporary and contract assignments. If you encounter any difficulties or have a complaint, please address it with your consultant immediately rather than approaching the client. need to know money matters how will my pay rates be decided? Your hourly/daily rate will be agreed upon with your consultant prior to the beginning of each assignment. when do i need to complete payroll and taxation forms by? Payroll and Taxation forms (requiring your Tax File Number if applicable) must be completed at interview or prior to the commencement of a contract assignment. If your tax file declaration is not received within 14 days, your withholding tax rate will be charged to the highest tax bracket. 3 updated August 30 th 2011 If you are to be paid as a Company you must provide your Consultant with your Certificate of Currency, evidence of Insurances and Registration documents for a business or company name. See your Contract of Service Terms and Conditions or Independent Contractor Agreement for more information on what is required. what do i need to know about completing manual timesheets? You will be asked to submit a time sheet on a weekly basis during your assignment. A time sheet will be ed to you by your consultant for completion. At the end of each week please have your time sheet authorised by your supervisor/ manager and fax it to us on the number that is on the time sheet. When on assignment, we require your time sheet no later than the cut-off time stated on the time sheet. Time sheets must be signed by yourself and the client prior to your pay being released. In the event that the client representative is not available, please have your time sheet signed by another authorised representative. Alterations to your Friday finish time, or any weekend hours must be faxed through on an amended timesheet by the time stated on your timesheet. the do s and don ts of filling in your manual time sheet DO use black pen. Red and blue pen or pencil does not transmit clearly through the fax machine. DO complete the section titled Week Ending. The full week ending date (ie. Friday or Sunday s date) of the week that you are working must be inserted in this section. DO use block (capital) letters and write clearly / legibly. DO use a 24 hour clock to record your hours. DO only use hours and minutes when recording your work time. Do not use percentages/decimals. DO check that the Time Sheet is the right way up in the fax machine before transmission. DO insert one character (letter or number) per space. DO insert the time if you work less than 1 hour, for example 30 minutes. DO leave sections blank or use 00:00 if you have not worked a particular day. DO ALWAYS include your contractor ID number and Booking Number on the time sheet. DO ensure that the authoriser (client) has signed the time sheet before faxing. 4 updated August 30 th 2011 DO NOT put crosses through boxes or any sections of the time sheet. DO NOT insert the words AM or PM in the start and finish times. DO NOT continually re-fax, fax or photocopies of time sheets the clarity of information deteriorates making it difficult to read. Use a new Time Sheet each week you work for us. DO NOT use liquid paper or white out on Time Sheets. DO NOT write on the Time Sheet other than in the sections provided. what do i need to know about completing e-time sheets? Randstad s e-time sheeting system allows you to submit your time sheet via our website. This system, which removes the need to fax the time sheet, allows the whole process to be completed on-line. Once your time sheet is submitted and authorised, you will receive an notification that your time sheet has been received. Please ask your Consultant if e-time sheeting is available to you. When using e-time sheeting, please remember the following points: DO enter your hours using a 24 hour clock DO ensure that you are inserting the hours in the correct columns. DO check the address to ensure it is correct. DO confirm with the client that you can receive external s to receive confirmation of receipt of your time sheet. If you cannot, use your personal address or a suitable alternative. DO ensure that you submit your time sheet for each week by the time stated on your time sheet in order to avoid delays with your pay. how can i manually claim expenses or disbursements? In order to claim expenses or disbursements manually, a Randstad Expense Claim form must be completed, signed by the client authorised representative and faxed to the number stated on the time sheet along with accompanying receipts and tax invoices. The approved Expense Claim form can be obtained from your Consultant. 5 updated August 30 th 2011 how can i claim e-time expense claims or disbursements? If you are using e-time you will need to submit your expenses on your on-line time sheet each week. Receipts must be kept for each expense and a copy sent to both the client for approval and Randstad for our record by Monday of each week. Please ensure that the receipts you provide clearly state the date and the amount paid and match up with what you have submitted on e-time. If you are faxing through your receipts, please make use of the e-time Expense Claim cover sheet on which you must fill out your name and which time sheet the expenses relate to. Your Employee ID number and Booking number must be stated on each page of the e-time Expense Claim cover sheet and receipts. If you have not received a copy of this, please contact your consultant. how and when will i receive payments? Payment will be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) into your bank account following the receipt of your time sheet. A Pay Advise or Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) detailing your rate of pay and gross wage will be sent to your home address or ed to your nominated address. what do i need to know about superannuation? Randstad makes a contribution of the applicable State Guarantee Levy to a superannuation fund on all ordinary time earnings, when you earn more than $450 (gross) in any one month. With the introduction of Super User Choice effective 1 July 2005, you are now able to select the superannuation fund that your employer contributions are remitted to. You will receive a Standard Choice form within 28 days of your first salary payment from Randstad or within 28 days from the date you request one. You are able to nominate your own superannuation fund by completing this form and returning it to the nominated address on the Super User Choice form. In addition to the completed Standard Choice form you will also need to provide us with the following: The full name and contact details of the fund; The account name in full; The number or other unique identifier (if any) that the fund uses to refer to your account; The Australian Business Number (ABN) and Superannuation identifier or number; What method can be used to make contributions to the fund and any necessary details to enable the payment to be made; 6 updated August 30 th 2011 A written statement provided by or on behalf of the trustee of the fund, that the fund is a resident regulated fund that can accept Randstad s contributions. Provided the superannuation fund you have nominated is a complying fund and all documentation is completed correctly, all future contributions will be directed to that fund. If a fund choice has not been made all employer contributions will be remitted to Randstad s default fund. The default fund will be nominated on the Standard Choice Form supplied to you. Currently we remit to the Superannuation Fund monthly. After a period of 12 months you may change your choice of fund. This can done only once within a 12 month period. Please note: If you are paid as a company Super User Choice does not apply to you. If you are registered as a Company or Trust it is your responsibility to pay, to an approved fund, the required amount of superannuation. If you are paid under an Award, Australian Workplace Agreement (AWA), Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) or a defined benefit fund, Super Choice may not apply to you. Please ask your Consultant or contact the Customer Service Hotline if you are unsure. If you have any questions please contact the Australian Tax Office on , visit or contact our Customer Service Hotline on or via what is randstad s rewards program and how can i benefit from it? Randstad s Rewards program is the loyalty program designed to recognise and reward you for your ongoing association with us. In association with Recruitment Super, Randstad Rewards program has been developed with you in mind. The Randstad Rewards program includes: Salary Packaging; Superannuation Package including income protection as well as death and disability insurance; Discounted home and personal loans. You are eligible for the Randstad Rewards program after six months of continual placement on assignment with Randstad (Conditions Apply). Brochures on the Randstad Rewards program are available from your consultant or contact the Customer 7 updated August 30 th 2011 does randstad have a customer service hotline that i can call about money matters? Yes, if you have any queries, contact the Customer Service Hotline on or Your queries will be answered between 8.30am to 5.30pm (EST) weekdays. Advise us if there are any changes to your address, telephone number or bank account details to ensure you receive your Pay Advise, Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTI s) or Remittance Advice. If your call is answered by voic , leave your full name (including spelling), Employee ID number, contact phone numbers including your area code and the reason for your call. Your call will be responded to promptly. need to know - equal employment opportunity what is randstad s position on EEO? As an equal opportunity employer, Randstad is committed to ensuring a workplace free of discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation. This commitment is based on the value we place in you and our determination to comply with all relevant equal opportunity laws. what are randstad s fundamental EEO principles? no discrimination. Randstad aims to ensure, through the application of all company policies, practices and procedures, that no discrimination takes place and that you enjoy equal access to opportunities during your association with the company. The basis of employment decisions is merit based. no harassment. Randstad will not tolerate sexual, racial, religious or other kinds of harassment in the workplace. no bullying. Randstad will ensure that no bullying occurs in the workplace. no victimisation. Randstad will not tolerate victimisation or unfair treatment of anyone who makes a genuine EEO complaint. Randstad is committed to a high level of equal employment opportunity compliance by ensuring that all complaints are handled in a timely and professional manner. 8 updated August 30 th 2011 what are the likely consequences of inappropriate behaviour? Where instances of discrimination or harassment are found to have occurred, they will be investigated in a fair and confidential manner. Warnings or disciplinary action will be taken where unlawful conduct is found to have occurred. how are complaints investigated? Complaints are investigated in an impartial, confidential and timely manner the guiding principles of Randstad s complaints handling procedure. impartiality. If you make a complaint, it will be investigated in a fair and impartial manner. No judgements or assumptions will be made, and no action will be taken until the investigation is complete. If a complaint is made against you, your rights will be protected and you will be given an opportunity to tell your side of the story. confidentiality. If you make a complaint, the details will remain confidential between you and the investigating team. Those involved in an investigation, must maintain strict confidentiality with regard to all aspects of the process or face disciplinary action. timeliness. Each complaint will be finalised within as short a period of time as possible. Where necessary, all information will be passed on to the relevant manager immediately. The complainant will receive a progress report within two working days of having lodged the complaint. should i approach the client employer if i need to make a complaint? No, you must not approach the client as an alternative to, or as well as, utilising this procedure, unless specifically given prior authorisation to do so by Randstad s EEO Representative. Failure to follow this direction, or taking deliberate action which compromises this complaint handling procedure, (such as failure to maintain confidentiality of the process) may result in disciplinary action. is it acceptable to approach the person involved? Yes, in many situations, the first appropriate step is to tell the person who is the cause of the complaint how you feel. If the complaint is about their behaviour, tell them that it is unacceptable, offensive or hurtful. If it is about a work decision, tell them why you think it is unfair or inappropriate. Sometimes people behave inappropriately without realising, or make decisions without considering the repercussions. Telling the person will give them a chance to stop or change what they are doing. If you decide to take this action, it is important that you inform our EEO Representative. 9 updated August 30 th 2011 what should i do if I can t approach the person involved? If you don t feel that you can t approach the person directly, then explain the problem to your Randstad consultant or our EEO Representative. They will advise on what your options are and, if you wish to make a formal complaint, will advise you on how to do so. You may also wish to put your complaint in writing yourself and provide it to Randstad s Risk and Safety Division. If you don t feel comfortable talking to your consultant (or your complaint is in regard to your consultant), you can then contact the Risk and Safety Division to assist you through the above process. what happens next? Our EEO Representative will then talk to the person about whom the complaint is made to hear their side of the story and will also interview any witnesses. Where necessary, Randstad s management will investigate complaints in conjunction with client employers, where a complaint relates to a conduct of a person other than a direct employee of Randstad. You will then be consulted regarding the outcomes of the investigation and ways of addressing and resolving the problem. who should i contact to find out more? Further information about EEO related matters can be obtained from your EEO Representative. Phone: need to know - workplace health and safety how does workplace health and safety affect me? You are an important asset to Randstad, which is why we take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure your health and safety in the workplace when working on a client site. Workplace health and safety is largely about common sense and we ask you to co-operate with Randstad and our clients to ensure your own personal safety and to make sure that your actions do not endanger
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