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The Majic Bullet [I].docx
  The MagicBullet By Mark Carbajal  Chapter 1  The gulf stream jet sat majestically on the rain swept tarmac at Logan National Airport. A light rain had been falling steadily and a dense fog advisory had been issued earlier in the day. Rolling sheets of condensed fog worked their way across the terminal and into the blustery night sky. A technician who had stayed behind worked quickly underneath one of the wings of the idle jet. inutes later he hurriedly gathered his tools into a toolbo! and walked quickly away from the tarmac as a group of passengers made their way out of the terminal and into the dri""ling rain that seemed toarrive in sporadic waves across the entire tarmac. any of the passengers appeared to know each other and boarded the  jet quickly so as not to soak up large quantities of the cold dri""le that fell down upon their heads. The winds on this night were particularly strong andcaused the jet fins to sway with every strong gust. ost of the passengers had managed to accommodate themselves prior to the jet#s departure$ oblivious to the unforeseen events that were about to unfold. The slow rumbling of jet engines started as the captain notified the passengers of  their impending departure. The gulf stream slowly turned its nose away fromthe tarmac and began to steadily accelerate down the runway and into the stormy New %ngland night. The passengers had arrived as one large commercial group$ mingling amongst one another and at the same time doing their best to ignore the conditions outside of the jet cabin. A woman who appeared to be in her forties appeared nervous and apprehensive as she looked around the cabin. &er firm chin and piercing blue eyes belied her innermost feelings about this trip. 'he unconsciously bit into her lower lip and fumbled with a pendant given to her by her mother as a young girl. &er husband who sat stoically ne!t to her was devoid of any concern and oblivious to the commotion of theothers around him. &er pulse grew slightly with every passing minute. Nervously she searched her purse for her planner$ unaware that her it was right ne!t to her. After a short while she glanced over at him and hesitated a brief moment before asking him$ ()ohn have you seen my planner*+ &er husband looked lost in thought and after a second came back too.  (,lanner*+ &e looked around his seat and saw the planner wedged between his right leg and the seat cushion. (&ere you go sweetheart.+ 'he smiled lovingly and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. At that moment a voice came from the back of the cabin.   ()ohn$ hey )ohn-+ )ohn turned his head in the general direction of the voice.&e made eye contact with a heavy set ndian who was wearing gold rimmed glasses that contrasted sharply with his black turtleneck sweater.  (&ey /ijay$+ responded )ohn with a smile. (All  want to know....did you bring what#s important*+ asked /ijay with a wide grin on his taut smooth skin. ( sure did$ she#s sitting right ne!t to me$+ responded )ohn with a smile. &is wife Linda and the others around them giggled and smiled. t was like )ohn to say something like that. After a moment#s pause /ijay responded. ( meant the second most important thing in your life.+ )ohn hesitated and then patted the right side of his leather jacket. (0h that$ of course  did. t#s all right here.+  (1ou see$ its closer to you than your wife is$+ responded /ijay. )ohn and Linda looked at each other and smiled as a heavyset man with horn rimmed glasses and manicured beard turned from his seat. ('o... are we going to knock them off their seats or what*+  (1ou better believe it.+ e!claimed )ohn. (There#s no turning back now. Right )ohn*+ replied /ijay. )ohn glanced towards his feet and then over at Lindsay. 'he displayed a proud and dignified smile back at )ohn as if though he had really accomplished something now. 2ithout hesitation )ohn slowly undid his seatbelt and  crouched in a half3standing position so as to address everyone in the cabin. (4ould  have your attention.....+ After a short while the cabin got silent as everyone focused their attention on him. ( want everyone to know just how proud and happy  am to have worked with every one of you on this project.+ &e paused momentarily so as to catch any tears from forming and accidentally displaying too much inner emotion$ which was something he rarely showed.  (t took several years of hard work and well....a lot of arm3twisting. 5ut in the end  think we learned something about the human spirit and one#s determination to create something rewarding for mankind. Now were on the cusp of revolutioni"ing medicine and that much closer to delivering ona promise that we made to ourselves si! years ago.+  (5ravo-+ e!claimed /ijay.%veryone in the cabin clapped vigorously as )ohn smiled and sat back down in his seat. Linda looked at him and smiled as she gently patted his hands. 1et$ it was funny how unforeseen events that night would change the course of history for millions of people forever. As they rested for their transcontinental journey a sense of ease and tranquility lay amongst the passengers. Linda laid her head against )ohn#s shoulder as he quietly keyed information onto a miniature laptop that sat on his lap. &e was an assiduous
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