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Best Practice Issue The T-Systems customer magazine Where does knowledge come from? Web 2.0 tools are transporting people and ideas into the virtual realm. Discover how enterprises are deploying
Best Practice Issue The T-Systems customer magazine Where does knowledge come from? Web 2.0 tools are transporting people and ideas into the virtual realm. Discover how enterprises are deploying social media to leverage the wisdom of the crowd. If your application landscape resembles a jungle, then we are your landscape gardener. Application Management & Modernization by T-Systems. More transparency for IT structures. We enable dynamic sourcing. In many companies, ever-changing and growing application landscapes demand ever increasing resources both in terms of workforce and running costs. Now you can easily outsource these troubles: T-Systems Application Management & Moderni zation industrializes, harmonizes, consolidates and modernizes your application landscape to ensure that your IT structures remain simple, clear, and always up to date. This will cut IT costs by more than 25 % because you only use what you actually need, and you only pay for what you actually use. You can t get more transparency than this. editorial 3 Photo: T-Systems Dietmar Wendt, 51, has been Managing Director of Sales at T-Systems since March this year. Finding, exchanging and consolidating knowledge is increasingly becoming a key success factor for businesses. In addition to efficient knowledge management, innovative tools are enabling new forms of collaboration between colleagues, with suppliers and competitors, and with customers and consumers. A holistic approach to collaboration is better than a patchwork of services 57 percent of respondents to a McKinsey survey identified accelerated knowledge exchange as the key benefit of collaboration tools. Over half of the 3,200 senior managers interviewed in late 2010 said they had cut communications costs by leveraging web 2.0. And almost 40 percent had pared back travel expenses. During my first three months at T-Systems, UCC was a hot topic for all the customers I spoke to. How do I network my procurement staff? How can I work more efficiently with customers and partners? How can I get fast, up-to-the-minute insights into my customers preferences, and respond immediately? According to analysts, in 2010, unified communications and collaboration (UCC) was already a top business imperative. Nevertheless, the news that the market for collaboration solutions is already worth 10 billion euros* still came as a surprise. Whether companies are using one, two or half a dozen tools from instant messaging and web conferencing, to telepresence, through to virtual project rooms there is certainly no shortage of innovative solutions and technologies. But the key issue is combining all these stand-alone applications into a comprehensive, single UCC solution. Only then can enterprises exploit their full potential, improving flexibility and competitive advantage. As a vendor-independent ICT provider, we advise and support our customers in selecting and combining the right tools, and embedding them into their business processes. After all, solutions that do not effectively dovetail with existing infrastructures are of no use to anyone. In pursuit of our goal to offer organizations the best possible answer to their particular challenges, we are treading new territory: we are currently testing open-source solutions such as ezuce. Can open communications tools of this kind offer the functionality that users really need? We re going to find out. In our lead article, you can discover which companies have already tried out which solutions, and how to combine internal team collaboration with inter-enterprise and mass collaboration. Plus, Don Tapscott reveals his steps to success in today s networked business world. Best regards, Dietmar Wendt *Source: 4 contents ISSUE collaboration Photos: Corbis, Laif, Natalie Bothur, Andy Ridder, PR, Title: Corbis, Illustration: Zolt news 06 From around the world International round-up. Daimler migrates multi-media archive database to the cloud... City of Barcelona deploys IT for managing its preschools... US utility Osisoft leverages smart metering solution from T-Systems... Alicante airport outsources its complete IT infrastructure... Best Practice The T-Systems customer magazine Published by Thomas Spreitzer, T-Systems Marketing Publication Manager Gina Duscher Project Management Tatjana Geierhaas Editor-in-Chief Thomas van Zütphen (responsible for content) Organization Liane Schönefeld Art Direction Jessica Winter Managing Editor Stefan M. Glowa (Head), Anja Sibylla Weddig Translation Martin Crellin Copywriting and Translation Authors of this issue: Anja Feldmann, Steffan Heuer, Sibylle Hofmeyer, Roger Homrich, Silke Offergeld, Matt Sloan, Thomas van Zütphen Publisher HOFFMANN UND CAMPE VERLAG GmbH, a GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPE company Harvestehuder Weg 42, Hamburg, phone: , fax: General Manager Dr. Kai Laakmann Production Manager at HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Christian Breid Production Claude Hellweg (Head), Oliver Lupp Litho Einsatz Creative Production, Hamburg Printing NEEF + STUMME premium printing GmbH & Co. KG, Wittingen Copyright 2011 by T-Systems Reproduction requires citation of source and submission of a sample copy. The contents of this publication do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisher. For questions regarding content, delivery or orders: ISSN Print Best Practice compensated Id-No ICT in action 10 Creating international teams Collaboration. In the future, employees will be able to work anytime, anywhere, and however long they wish. What counts is results not the amount of time spent in the office. And whereas traditional company structures are pyramid-shaped, Enterprise 2.0 organizations bear more of a resemblance to networks. Networks that extend beyond company boundaries. New ways of working, such as cross-company collaboration and crowdsourcing, require intelligent strategies and robust security. End-to-end solutions such as Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) offer both and promise to increase productivity. 18 Work 2.0 Graphic. From instant messaging to video conferencing, and from virtual project spaces to open source platforms, cutting-edge collaboration tools enable new forms of collaboration for staff, partners and customers. And they are transforming almost all aspects of business. Kosta Grammatis and Roarke Horstmeyer (right), featured on page 20, are eager to share ideas and not afraid of having their innovations stolen. Having led negotiations on the E.ON outsourcing deal, T-Systems Global Account Executive Jürgen Fohs continues to support E.ON CIO Edgar Aschenbrenner (left). 5 experience+expertise 20 A day in the life of a... Special feature. CEO Kosta Grammatis, 25, works in Boston, Los Angeles, Rio, Athens und Berlin sometimes at the same time. A member of the generation that grew up on the Internet, he is not intimidated by working across multiple locations, time zones and devices. 26 Pioneer Co-creation. Canadian visionary Don Tapscott created a list of rules for thriving in the new digital economy. Collaborating and leveraging the web s full creative potential are high on the agenda. 28 Smart budgeting Public finances. By deploying SAP enterprise management software, German state North Rhine-Westphalia is cutting costs and saving taxpayers money. 30 Guest book Anja Feldmann. The professor at Berlin Technical University is encouraging her counterparts in research and business to abandon the ivory tower. An approach that is already proving very successful for her. 32 CIO talk at E.ON Edgar Aschenbrenner. The CIO of Europe s leading electricity and gas utility on outsourcing strategies, virtual collaboration forms and IT in the renewable energy space. 36 A new market Automotive. In the future, we will use cars without buying them. Electric vehicles are becoming mainstream, and carmakers are turning into mobility service providers. Find out how Internet-based solutions are making this possible. Daimler CIO Dr. Michael Gorriz believes that electric cars, such as the Smart fortwo pictured below, are a viable, environmentally-friendly solution for urban areas where demand for mobility is rapidly increasing. 40 Interview In-vehicle and consumer IT. Daimler CIO Dr. Michael Gorriz looks ahead: concepts such as car2go and car2gether will enable consumers to rent vehicles anytime, anywhere, on an as-needed basis. This requires a powerful IT backbone. 42 Magna cum laude Application Management & Modernization. Thanks to AMM, Austrian components supplier Magna is accessing SAP applications via the T-Systems cloud, and cutting costs. 44 Inside Deutsche Telekom Quality initiative. An ICT factory that produces solution modules much like a brick-and-mortar plant? Dr. Ferri Abolhassan, Head of Production at T-Systems International, on reliably delivering the right quality on time and on budget. 46 Questionnaire IT security check. How secure is your ICT? Can security solutions actually save you money? And how do passwords, chipcards and biometric processes protect knowledge and business processes? Take the test and find out. VIDEO Watched it yet? BEST PRACTICE ONLINE Read it yet? TWITTER Tweeted yet? Best Practice c e 6 news FROM AROUND THE WORLD THE DAIMLER DATABASE ALL SUPED-UP The Daimler multimedia archive database, makes data accessible to journalists all over the world while keeping it secure. This year, the automobile giant is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the invention of the gas-powered vehicle. This will likely result in a record number of international agencies and reporters attempting to gain access to a variety of content ranging from historical images to videos. That s why in December 2010, Daimler outsourced database operations to T-Systems. Within a span of a few weeks, the ICT experts had given a complete make-over. This involved re-engineering the multimedia archive as a private cloud solution, with migration to a new systems landscape and a complete redesign of the application environment. A made-tomeasure tier 3 security architecture now protects the data. The ICT provider delivers the entire solution including Internet access, CPU power and storage. This means that the car manufacturer has been free to focus on the festivities since early Contact: A digital end to legal red tape In the future, when the courts in Catalonia, an autonomous region in Spain, issue summonses to suspected criminals or witnesses, they will save 23,000 hours of work per year, and, in addition, 750,000 sheets of paper. E-justicia.cat, a platform developed by T-Systems, enables the courts to transfer digitized legal documents to the police. In conjunction with the regional Center for Innovation and Transformation of the Justice System (CITJ), the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary has been working on a variety of long-term strategies to equip the Catalonian justice system for the information age. State-of-the-art ICT will be deployed to streamline all tasks and activities. Integration of the various stakeholders is a key focus. A pivotal role is played by EJIS, the program for interoperability and security within the justice system, and the most important element in the modernization plan a joint development project of the Council of Justice, Ministry of Justice and the Public Prosecutor s Office. The goal is to establish information exchange in real-time and to digitize case records in order to reduce the amount of paper in use and storage. Attorneys can already submit their civil and business lawsuits electronically, and soon, entire court proceedings will be conducted over the T-Systems platform. This will significantly lighten the workload on more than 10,000 users in 49 court administration offices throughout Catalonia. Contact: 7 SECURITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS According to a study commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the market for biometric authentication in Germany will grow by more than 30 percent by 2015, to around 10.5 billion euros. One of the trendsetters is Finanz Informatik, the IT service provider of Sparkassen- Finanzgruppe. From now on, Finanz Informatik will offer its customers a biometric authentication process for their workforces, developed by T-Systems. In the future, when employees log on, they will identify themselves not only with their password but also with their fingerprint. This ensures that staff have the proper authorizations to access ICT applications and business data. Chip cards, which can be lost or stolen, are no longer needed. The USB fingerprint scanner and software can be operated without additional server infrastructure. In the event of hardware defects, they can simply be replaced. By the end of the year, Sparkassen want to equip 10,000 of their approximately 254,000 desktops with fingerprint scanners. In particular, they aim to use strong authentication to support a single-sign-on solution. Contact: IT in preschool now that s talent Who s jumping on the trampoline? Who would rather be finger painting? And who s making all that racket? Keeping up with half a dozen toddlers is demanding enough, both in terms of nerves and organizational skills. But imagine being responsible for cultivating the talents of over 7,000 three- to six-year-olds. This is exactly the challenge Barcelona has taken on. By 2012, the Spanish city wants to increase the number of public preschools to 96 that s nearly double today s number. T-Systems is supporting the local government organizations by creating an IT system that makes up the technological foundation for managing these Escoles Bressol. This promises to not only streamline and expedite the management of Barcelona s preschools, but also make communications with parents easier and more efficient. Soon, parents will be able to access information about specific preschools, and also about their children s progress because the aim is not just to supervise, but to teach the kids valuable skills. Contact: IT security for surety player Photos: Daimler AG (2), istockphoto (2), Deutsche Telekom AG/Michael Weyh Many companies need to provide their clients with performance bonds or bank guarantees. Alternatively they can take out a surety bond from an insurer freeing up their working capital. Italian start-up S2C is planning to enter this lucrative market, which was worth 520 million euros on the peninsula in 2009 alone. To prepare their IT infrastructure for this strategic move, S2C has decided to partner with T-Systems. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary will create the necessary architecture and take responsibility for server systems, databases and interfaces, hardware and software, and operational processes. This will give the young player the time and resources it needs to quickly gain a foothold in this complex market. And it can rely on a partner with experience and expertise in the insurance industry as T-Systems customers range from Allianz and German health insurance giant DAK to the Italian Reale Mutua Assicurazioni. And as security is key, the IT service provider employs Double Take software to ensure ongoing backup of all services and processes. This solution, created by the global market leader in data replication, combines real-time backup with automatic failover ensuring the availability of all data, even in the event of a system failure. So S2C employees enjoy reliable access to up-to-date system data, anytime, anyplace and even on the move. Contact: 8 news FROM AROUND THE WORLD Alicante s ICT takes off The Alicante airport is one of the largest in Spain, and a pioneer in the ICT space. Aena, the publicly-owned company that manages the transportation hub, has transferred all operations to T-Systems, making it one of the very first airports in the country to outsource its entire ICT to a single provider. The German experts are tasked with ensuring that missioncritical data is available 24/7, backed by around-the-clock support. The deal was also a litmus test of the ICT provider s ability to perform under pressure: transition coincided with the opening of a new terminal, doubling the number of passengers to 20 million. But Alicante is in good company T-Systems solutions help ensure punctual takeoffs and landings at 52 airports worldwide. Contact: A cool customer Cofely Refrigeration GmbH, based in Lindau, is one of Germany s leading providers of energy-efficient, industrial cooling equipment. Specializing in data-center chillers, the firm helps staff at a number of major corporations keep their cool by ensuring their servers keep theirs. Early 2010 saw the launch of a project to integrate Cofely Refrigeration into the process and SAP system landscape of its parent Cofely Germany, headquartered in Cologne. A priority was harmonizing financial accounting and control and aligning the processes across both companies. Within a year, T-Systems had reliably migrated all data on the legacy system to the latest release. Just like its parent which is owned by French energy giant GDF Suez Cofely Refrigeration is now reaping the benefits of AMM (Application Management & Modernization). And the cooling experts saw real improvements to cost efficiency: shifting their system to a single core SAP platform slashed expenditure by almost half, while a shared service center created even greater savings. Contact: 9 Photos: Raul Urbina, Fotolia, istockphoto Seamless transfer from smart meters to SAP systems There are nearly 40 million private households in Germany. And one by one, they are being equipped with digital electricity meters. This will enable the creation of a smart energy grid a grid that will, for example, have to manage more localized power generation, often leveraging renewable sources with fluctuating output. Smart meters are also the technological basis for more flexible pricing, which can be employed to influence consumer behavior. Outfitting homes with digital meters is one thing but how does the vast amount of data from the meters reach the utilities? In conjunction with Osisoft, a US-based company specializing in real-time data, T-Systems is developing a solution to this challenge. Osisoft s infrastructure is to be integrated with T-Systems smart metering and home management platform. This will allow data from electronic meters to be transferred directly to the SAP systems operated by German utilities. The result is a one-stop solution for metering service companies, grid operators and energy utilities. And it is paving the way for the intelligent electricity grid of tomorrow. Contact: Smart grids for green electricity The power grids of the future will be intelligent and green. The lion s share of renewable energy generation is decentralized. This means that to increase the proportion of renewables in the energy mix, you need smart grids intelligent networks that automatically balance out supply and demand. To speed the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies, T-Systems teamed up with Munich-based GreenCom Networks. As GreenCom executive Dr. Christian Feißt explains, the goal is to actively connect consumers and decentralized producers, to increase efficiency and ensure optimal interplay between conventional and renewable energy production. Intelligent networks require up-to-the-minute information on the production and consumption of electricity. To achieve this, utilities must supply their customers with smart meters digital devices that transmit real-time data on energy use. This information is used to ensure that decentralized energy production keeps pace with demand. GreenCom Networks green technology experts will develop corresponding intelligent metering and communications solutions together with T-Systems. Contact: Precise measurement, precise payment Would you like to know exactly how much energy you are using by the day, even by the hour? Increasingly, utilities no longer issue one large bill at the end of the year. Instead, they provide bills at much shorter intervals, creating far greater visibility. What s more, many consumers
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